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4 Times Brock Lesnar broke WWE rules and was allowed to get away with it

Pratyay Ghosh
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Brock Lesnar has gotten away with breaking more rules than probably any other WWE Superstar.
Brock Lesnar has gotten away with breaking more rules than probably any other WWE Superstar.

Let's get one thing straight, regardless of you feel about him or how WWE uses him, Brock Lesnar is one of the most talented individuals to ever step foot into a WWE ring. He's the best natural athlete to ever wrestle in the WWE despite the fact that he uses the same few moves during most of his matches nowadays.

Lesnar has been at the top of the pro wrestling world almost since his debuts and we all know he gets a lot of special treatment from the WWE apart from his limited dates and huge contract. What some fans may not know, Brock Lesnar has sort of been getting preferential treatment since before his main roster debut and has gotten away with breaking WWE rules a number of times.

Today, we take a look at a few of the times Lesnar broke WWE's rules but wasn't punished for it.

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#4. OVW steroid bust

Brock Lesnar's mugshot after his arrest
Brock Lesnar's mugshot after his arrest

Brock Lesnar isn't called 'The Beast' for no reason, he's built like a monster. Lesnar has also always maintained his physique comes naturally and was helped by his early years growing up on a farm, denying accusations of steroid use.

In 2001, Brock Lesnar was arrested by police while in WWE developmental in Ohio and charged with the possession of steroids after receiving what police thought to be steroids in a parcel.

After four months, Brock Lesnar managed to beat the felony charge after lab tests determined that the stuff in Lesnar's possession were not actually steroids, something Lesnar's attorney had maintained throughout.

Although Lesnar wasn't at fault here, controversies like this have seen other Superstars careers end or their future pushes killed.

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