WWE RAW: 4 ways Seth Rollins could impact Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz

Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz could have a Seth Rollins problem
Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz could have a Seth Rollins problem
Pranav Unnikrishnan

WWE booking Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz for the upcoming episode of RAW will be of interest to Seth Rollins. He will be watching the match eagerly, given the animosity between him and Rhodes and their heated exchange in recent weeks.

While we don't know if Rhodes will talk about his Hell in a Cell match against Rollins, the contest between him and The Miz has been confirmed. Therefore, the psychological advantage is still with The Visionary. Given how Cody is yet to lose after his return, Seth will look to force him to eat the loss on RAW.

With Rollins present as a threat, there is no telling how The American Nightmare's match against The A-Lister will go. We have decided to have a go at predicting how The Revolutionary will play into the proceedings. On that note, here are four ways in which Seth Rollins can affect Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz.

#4. On our list of ways Seth Rollins could impact Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz: Take Rhodes out before the match

Will we see another sneak attack from Rollins?
Will we see another sneak attack from Rollins?

Cody Rhodes will wrestle The Miz, fully wary of the Seth Rollins threat. However, what he may not see coming is Rollins striking before the match itself and taking him out backstage, changing the complexion of the contest.

Rhodes' subsequent injury would be the equivalent of a bullseye for The Miz. The American Nightmare would practically be fighting The A-Lister with one arm tied behind his back if The Revolutionary inflicted damage on him beforehand. Given how he is yet to lose in WWE, The Visionary has all the incentives in the world to wound him and strand him on the edge of defeat.

#3. Manipulate events before the match begins


Seth Rollins has shown in the past that he holds some influence backstage. In fact, he demonstrated that to Cody Rhodes when he booked a match for the latter against an opponent of his choosing. If he can do that, he can influence Rhodes vs. Miz and put his rival at a disadvantage.

Rollins could goad those backstage into stacking the odds against Rhodes, including making it a handicap match against The Miz and someone like Theory. The two men are not the biggest fans of the former Legacy member and will only be happy to comply with Rollins' wishes and inflict punishment on their opponent.

#2. Help The Miz from ringside

Rollins and Miz could be in cahoots come RAW
Rollins and Miz could be in cahoots come RAW

Seth Rollins will definitely be considering the possibility of being a distraction for Cody Rhodes at ringside for his match against The Miz. There is no way Rhodes can focus on his opponent 100% when his rival is outside watching his every move.

The worst thing for the Prodigal Son is if Rollins ends up helping The Miz gain an advantage during their match. He can take his pick from referee distractions and cheap shots, and if Rhodes falls prey to it, his undefeated streak could go up in smoke.

#1. Trick the referee into thinking Rhodes cheated


Out of all the ways Seth Rollins could influence Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz, getting his rival to lose through no fault of his may be the most ingenious of them all. Think of a scenario where The Miz is down, and Rollins throws a steel chair into Rhodes' hands, leading to the referee seeing it and disqualifying him.

While it is not exactly a clean win, the stats will display the first L next to Rhodes' name since his return. That is enough of a reason for The Visionary to pull such a thing off. Given his character's cold and calculative nature, such a course of action would be typical of him.

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