4 ways WWE can book a Drew McIntyre and Rhea Ripley love angle on TV

Drew McIntyre joined forces with Rhea Ripley on RAW
Drew McIntyre joined forces with Rhea Ripley on RAW

Last Monday Night on RAW, WWE fans witnessed an unlikely alliance form as Rhea Ripley of The Judgment Day joined forces with The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre.

This change of character was much needed for the Scotsman, and he is off to a great start by associating with one of the hottest acts in the company today in the form of Rhea Ripley.

Despite the Women's World Champion seemingly having an on-screen relationship with Dominik Mysterio, we are going to take a look at four ways in which Rhea and Drew's new professional relationship could evolve into a personal one on RAW.

#4. Rhea Ripley finds a new man

While Ripley has found herself someone special in Dominik Mysterio, Drew would definitely be able to provide a lot more for her in WWE when it comes to aiding her physically.

The Scotsman has held world championship gold on multiple occasions in his career, as well as having won the Royal Rumble and main evented WrestleMania.

Following their partnership being established in the closing moments of RAW last week, Hall of Famer Bully Ray stated on Busted Open how the pair looked like a perfect wrestling power couple.

"I've got to tell you, last night seeing Rhea standing next to Drew –- I was like, 'Woah, that looks like a power couple if I've ever seen them,'" Bully Ray said on "Busted Open." "I want to see the follow-up on Drew, because remember my take on Drew is that it's not about his physicality, it's not about his look -– Drew does everything extremely well. Drew's look to me is so amazing, he just has it all ... but it's about when he talks. Let's see what he has to say next week." [H/T Wrestling Inc]

#3. Drew McIntyre gives Rhea a helping hand

At Survivor Series: WarGames this Saturday, The Eradicator will put her Women's World Championship on the line against the athletic Zoey Stark.

Earlier this month, Stark outlasted multiple members of the RAW roster in a Battle Royal and became the new number-one contender.

Following her win, Zoey Stark sent a warning to Rhea while speaking to Jackie Redmond, with Stark firmly believing she has what it takes to end Ripley's reign:

"This is the most important win of my career. At Survivor Series, I get to go one-on-one with Rhea Ripley. Yes! She gave me the Rip Tide. But I also gave her the Z360. Okay? She never pinned me. And I know that Rhea knows that I could beat her. And that is why she is scared. That is why she has a tough exterior right now. She know I could beat her one… two… three. Survivor Series, you are looking at the new Women’s World Champion." [H/T WrestleZone]

With Zoey posing a real threat to Rhea's reign, the matriarch of The Judgment Day may ask for another favor from Drew McIntyre and have him interfere in her match in order to help her retain her title once more.

This assistance may lead to the beginning of a dominant and impossible-to-stop partnership between McIntyre and Ripley.

#2. The former WWE Champion goes to War for Mami

While his addition has not yet been made official, many are expecting Drew McIntyre to join Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh inside WarGames to take on the team of Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins this Saturday.

Drew McIntyre's alliance with The Judgment Day has made what is already a dominant faction into possibly one of the greatest stables in WWE history in terms of its all-round star power.

For Rhea Ripley and Drew's relationship to go that one step further, McIntyre could dedicate his performance and possible victory inside WarGames to the reigning and defending Women's World Champion.

#1. Rhea Ripley makes Drew McIntyre her number one

While Rhea Ripley is the apparent leader of The Judgment Day, the faction is full of male performers who are gunning to be her counterpart at the top of the group.

One star who wants that spot is Damian Priest, with the current Mr. Money In The Bank and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion hoping to become world champion by cashing in his contract somewhere down the line.

Recently, on RAW, Priest controversially declared himself as the leader of Judgment Day. With Damian seeming to want to go out on his own, Ripley may look to bring Drew into the faction and kick Priest out in the process.

This move could help further develop the ever-growing relationship and dynamic of Rhea Ripley and Drew McIntyre.

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