4 WWE RAW and SmackDown stars who can challenge Kelani Jordan for the Women's North American Title

Kelani Jordan won the WWE NXT Women
Kelani Jordan won the WWE NXT Women's North American Championship (images via Bayley and Kelani on X)

WWE NXT Battleground 2024 was a historic night. Not only did Ethan Page headline his debut match, but Roxanne Perez battled Jordynne Grace in a WWE versus TNA fight. Additionally, a match that will go down in history also took place.

The first-ever NXT Women's North American Champion was crowned at the big event. This is the first proper mid-card belt women have had in the company and it was decided via a Six-Pack Ladder Match.

All six women in the bout were extremely talented. The competitors included Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, Kelani Jordan, Jaida Parker, Sol Ruca, and SmackDown's Michin. To the surprise of many, it was Kelani who won the match and became the inaugural champion.

Now that Jordan has won the gold, opponents will likely be lining up to dethrone her. Not only will this include the best and brightest on the NXT brand, but stars from RAW and SmackDown will likely be knocking on her door to try and win the belt. This article will look at a handful of main roster superstars who could challenge her for the newly established championship.

Below are four WWE RAW and SmackDown stars who can challenge Kelani Jordan for the Women's North American Title.

#4. Michin wants to win the NXT Women's North American Championship

Michin has had quite an interesting career in WWE. She joined the promotion after previously being part of the Mae Young Classic and found moderate success on NXT before struggling on and being misused on the main roster. This led to her release, but thankfully, Triple H re-hired the star in 2022.

The talented star has been on the WWE NXT brand in addition to her duties on SmackDown. In fact, she was one of the six women challenging for the newly coveted Women's North American Championship at Battleground.

While the star failed to win the gold, that doesn't mean her goal to capture the belt is dead in the water. She could step up and challenge Kelani Jordan in a match without ladders and with four other women no longer interrupting the proceedings. Then and only then, Michin may prove herself to be better.

#3. Tegan Nox is rumored for an NXT run

Tegan Nox is undoubtedly one of the most underutilized and underrated performers WWE has. She has never been truly used to her ability and was even released in 2021. Thankfully, much like Michin, she was re-hired in 2022.

Nox has been used better this time around, but her push still leaves much to be desired. While Tegan's time on the main roster has been mostly disappointing barring the occasional brief push, things could soon be changing. Nox is rumored to be moving from WWE SmackDown to NXT.

If Tegan is indeed moving to the developmental brand, it would make sense for her to return in a big way. The Welsh star could step up and challenge Kelani Jordan for the NXT Women's North American Championship and even potentially win the gold.

#2. Dakota Kai is good enough for a bigger push

Dakota Kai is an extremely versatile competitor. As a babyface, Dakota is one of the most likable performers in wrestling. As a heel, the WWE fans despise her. Dakota has also been successful, as she's a former tag team champion on both the main roster and on NXT.

Kai is currently a member of the WWE Monday Night RAW roster. She is part of the Damage CTRL faction alongside IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, and Asuka, although the latter is currently out of action due to an injury.

While Kai has held tag team gold, both on NXT and the main roster, it is time for her to win a singles belt and get the push she deserves. Winning the NXT Women's North American Title while still ruling RAW could be a great way to push King Kota moving forward.

#1. Bayley could want to collect more gold in WWE

Bayley is one of the most successful wrestlers in WWE history, specifically in the women's division. She is a former NXT Women's Champion, a multi-time world champion, and a former tag team champion. In fact, Bayley is the first-ever Women's Grand Slam Champion.

The Role Model is the current WWE Women's Champion. She won the belt by defeating IYO SKY at WrestleMania 40. Her next title defense will be against Piper Niven at Clash at the Castle in Scotland on Saturday.

While Bayley has held basically every title there is to win in the company, she could be craving the newly created Women's North American Championship. As a result, The Role Model could show up on NXT and attempt to win yet another title.

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