4 WWE superstars who benefited from the Superstar Shake Up and 3 who did not

  • The Superstar Shake Up didn't leave everyone in WWE on equal footing.
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The shake-up helped out both shows but not every superstar
The shake-up helped out both shows but not every superstar

The Superstar Shake Up has come and gone and some people are still talking about particular things that did or did not happen.

Who thought that the War Raiders would be called up, have their team name changed and their own first names changed in one fell swoop?

Many names were rumored to be moving from Raw to SmackDown and vice versa and many names from the other brands (NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live) were also thought to be getting new homes.

While some predictions came to fruition and some did not, the moves that did happen were not 100% to the benefit of everyone in WWE.

Some superstars got new homes with better opportunities (Finn Balor, the Usos) while others switched brands and may struggle to stand out (Liv Morgan, Eric Young).

Since the Superstar Shake Up will obviously always be a mixed bag, here are four WWE superstars who benefited from the moves made and three superstars who were actually hurt by the shake-up.

#1 Benefited - the Universal Championship scene on Raw

Reigns moving to SmackDown opens up each man to be the top face of their own show
Reigns moving to SmackDown opens up each man to be the top face of their own show

One thing that was truly frustrating regarding the Universal Championship once it was taken off of Kevin Owens' waist was that it was either held by a placeholder part-timer (Goldberg) or held hostage by a sporadically appearing 'Beast'.

While Brock Lesnar held the title, he routinely faced the same challengers in Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe.


Strowman and Joe were made to lose, but the constant need to crown Reigns as the golden boy - even though he already was that - actually hurt a huge portion of the Raw roster.

Wrestlers like Bray Wyatt, Strowman, Bobby Lashley and Rusev were routinely used to get Reigns over even more while also stymieing any chance any wrestler not named Reigns would have at becoming Universal Champion.

There is also the thought that had Reigns not been forced to leave due to illness that Rollins wouldn't even be holding the title.

So the fact that Reigns is on SmackDown now opens up the possibility for any number of people to be able to get a run with the Universal Championship.

Only a few might get title runs, like Rollins, the Miz and Drew McIntyre, but at least they won't have to be filtered through the usual process of whose turn it was to lose a feud to Roman Reigns.

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Published 20 Apr 2019, 11:06 IST
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