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3 WWE wrestlers who make way more money than you expect and 2 way less

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We look at 3 current wrestlers making more money than you would likely expect, and 2 who make way less

Despite the fact that WWE Superstars have some of the toughest and most grueling sports-related jobs imaginable, quite often, their hard work ends up paying off in the form of hefty salaries and great perks -- "perks" including private jets, first-class accommodations, etc.

Considering the average salary of a WWE wrestler is roughly $500,000 annually, it becomes easy to understand why many supposedly "mistreated" or "underutilized" talent opt to stick around and continue to wrestle for WWE regardless of their spot on the card or booking.

Generally, you can get a sense of a wrestler's salary based on their position on the card, but this is simply a measure that isn't always accurate. In fact, there are actually a few WWE Superstars who are consistent main event level competitors, yet are earning well below what most fans would expect them to be making. The WWE strives to pay their performers fairly based on their contributions to the company and their overall value to the shows, but at the end of the day, no company is perfect, and as such, some wrestlers are being underpaid slightly.

While the WWE (and wrestlers) like to keep their financial information relatively secret, we have gathered our information via TotalSportTek who apparently have some connections most do not.

Besides their annual salaries, WWE Superstars also make royalties and bonuses which undoubtedly adds a few dollars to their already impressive earnings...With that said, today we are going to be looking at 3 WWE wrestlers who make way more money than you would probably expect, and 2 way less.

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#5 Way More: Bray Wyatt - $1 Million/per year

Bray Wyatt is still surprisingly earning the "main event money" despite being a mid-carder as of late

"The Eater Of Worlds" Bray Wyatt is undoubtedly earning more money right now than most fans would probably imagine -- a hefty salary of $1 million dollars plus bonuses. While Bray is a former WWE Champion in his own right, Wyatt certainly has not been featured on television like a top-tier star recently, and he has been firmly placed in the mid-card alongside Matt Hardy on Monday Night Raw.

Bray is an example that one's position on the card or booking isn't always an accurate representation of how much money they are earning, because for most of us, Wyatt is earning a lower-end headliner's salary. As we had summarized in the intro, it's highly likely that wrestlers are happy working for the WWE even if they are portrayed in an unfavorable way due to their handsome salaries...

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