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An NFL fan's guide to the WWE

  • What would some of the biggest NFL personalities look like as a member of the WWE Universe?
Brian Asmus
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After all, NFL is just WWE on turf

Have you ever asked yourself, "How would I explain the WWE to an NFL fan using comparisons between the two?" Probably not. Unless you are an avid pro wrestling fan like myself, such things have never have crossed your mind. Yet, I still wanted to explore the similarities between some of the WWE characters and some of the most notable NFL personalities on and off the field.

First of all, before I start this list or whatever you want to call it, I will say the obligatory, "I know the WWE is scripted and the NFL is a competitive sport rather than sports entertainment," but as an audience, we consume both as entertainment.

There just might be different reasons to enjoy each one. Yes, I may be nearing 30, but I am still a wrestling fan and enjoy it. That is part of the reason I am writing this article. I want to show people that you can still enjoy wrestling as entertainment, even if you know it is scripted and the outcome is predetermined.

Ok, enough talking, let's get to it!

#1 JJ Watt is John Cena

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Good Guy JJ Watt

This is the one that got me started. Let's start with the aesthetics. Both men are built like tanks. They both have the clean-cut, flat-top look, and the public personas to boot. They both say all the right things and are super patriotic whilst avoiding controversy.

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2014 International CES
Good Guy John Cena

That is why they are both polarizing figures. People love them for those very reasons, but those are also the reasons they are hated. In the WWE, John Cena represents what the company needs as a champion and ambassador. Almost everything he does says "good guy".

JJ Watt is seen the same way by NFL fans.

Moreover, these guys are both great athletes. I had a friend in high school who liked John Cena because he was "the guy with the headband on his biceps." He is a big dude and this is sometimes forgotten because the WWE has so many enormous human beings. As for JJ, you'll find plenty of videos and pictures of the workout warrior online.

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Published 07 Nov 2017, 13:39 IST
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