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5 Absurd WWE gimmicks that actually worked

As great as some gimmicks are, it
As great as some gimmicks are, it's hard to deny their absurdity
Greg Bush
Modified 15 Oct 2020, 06:22 IST
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It can go without saying that a gimmick is nothing without the person behind it. Just because someone has a great idea for a character, doesn't mean they will be able to pull it off. Would Waylon Mercy have worked if Dan Spivey hadn't been forced into early retirement? Who knows, but we can probably all agree that it wouldn't have hit the height of popularity that two-time WWE Universal Champion, Bray Wyatt, managed to get to.

Sometimes a really stupid, absurd, or dead on arrival gimmick can work because the performer puts their heart and soul into it, turning chicken s*** into chicken salad. It's the difference between what makes a wrestler good and what makes them great. Acts like Mankind, Kane, Damien Mizdow, Otis, and the Fashion Police all proved that great talent can make the most ludicrous gimmick work.

This list will highlight other Superstars who did the same. Let's start things off with someone who did just that, coming out of one of the most poorly booked storylines in WWE history.

The Hurricane? Absurd? What
The Hurricane? Absurd? What's up with that?

#5. The Hurricane - WWE's own Superhero

Gregory Shane Helms is easily one of the greatest cruiserweights to ever step foot inside a ring. From his time as "Sugar" Shane Helms in WCW to the longest-reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history as Gregory Helms, the man captivated wrestling fans with his spectacular in-ring work.

However, for some reason, WWE turned him into The Hurricane following the infamous Invasion storyline. In the role, Helms donned green and black gear, dyed green hair, and a superhero mask and cape. He even had a sidekick in "Mighty Molly" Holly, arriving ringside in their Hurri-Cycle.


It was goofy, it was dumb, and it was one of the greatest strokes of genius that WWE had during the transition into the Ruthless Aggression Era. Seriously, if you weren't around for The Hurricane, you missed out on something truly magical.

The segments he had with The Rock were phenomenal and served to turn Helms into one of the most beloved WWE Superstars of that era. Something that may have caused WCW fans to roll their eyes so hard they could see the insides of their own skull actually elevated Helms.

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Published 15 Oct 2020, 06:22 IST
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