5 Annoying things that WWE fans do

Sometimes the WWE Universe are the heels at a wrestling show
Sometimes the WWE Universe are the heels at a wrestling show
Zac Jones

Over the last five years or so, a new type of wrestling fan has emerged. This has largely been down to the rise of the internet which has given fans a look behind the curtain and let people in on the day-to-day operations of the professional wrestling business.

While there has always been a pocket of ‘internet wrestling fans’, they have been widely regarded as a ‘vocal minority’ in the past. But in recent years, that percentage of fans has grown and they now make up the majority of the crowds at WWE shows.

There have been positives to this, such as fans being behind the likes of AJ Styles or Kevin Owens upon their arrival and almost forcing WWE to push these Superstars.

However, it has brought a number of negatives along with it, namely arrogance on the part of these fans that consider themselves ‘knowledgeable’ about the industry because they’ve seen one pre-WWE Shinsuke Nakamura match.

 With that in mind, here are 5 annoying things that WWE fans do…

#1 Beach ball Mania

Cesaro isn
Cesaro isn't the only one fed up of 'Beach ball mania' 

The most recent fan controversy was ‘beach ball mania’, which took over SummerSlam weekend, and really came to the spotlight during the post-SummerSlam Raw.

I cannot understand why somebody would take a beach ball to a professional wrestling event; it can only be because you are expecting to get bored, and if that’s the case, why not sell your ticket to somebody who might actually enjoy the show?

However, it wasn’t just the lower points of the show that were sabotaged by ‘beach ball mania’ during the aforementioned Monday Night Raw, fan favourites such as The Hardy Boys and Finn Bálor had their matches overshadowed by the crowd’s antics.

That seems to suggest that the immature people who bothered bringing a beach ball to the arena were going to throw it around regardless of the action in the ring. That’s just ridiculous and is distracting to not only the people watching at home but also to the fans in the area who have paid to see a WWE show.

If you want to play with a beach ball, go to the beach and stay away from wrestling shows.

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