5 Backstage stories about WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon you probably didn't know 

Several interesting backstage stories have been revealed about Stephanie McMahon over the years
Several interesting backstage stories have been revealed about Stephanie McMahon over the years
Phillipa Marie

Stephanie McMahon is easily considered the most powerful female in WWE at present. The Chief Brand Officer of WWE has been part of the company since she was a teenager and it was whilst working for the company as part of an on-screen storyline that the former Women's Champion met her future husband, Triple H.

McMahon has been seen as an on-screen talent for much of her career, even though the last match the former Champion was part of took place back at WrestleMania 34.

Behind the scenes, McMahon has many duties within the company and is also a mother to three young daughters.

Despite being one of the best-known women in the wrestling world, there are several stories about Stephanie McMahon that have been leaked by former and current talent over the years. The following are just five stories about The Billion Dollar Princess that many members of the WWE Universe may not be aware of.

#5. Stephanie McMahon does not like to be interrupted by WWE stars

Stephanie McMahon is a powerful person in the WWE locker room and at one point the former Women's Champion was known to be working closely with the Women's Division on the main roster.

Several years ago, it was reported by The Wrestling Observer that an on-screen altercation between former Divas Champion Kaitlyn and Stephanie McMahon was inspired by real-life events.

The WWE CBO was seen telling Kaitlyn not to interrupt her again, after a segment on RAW, which was leading to a feud between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn. This came about after the former WWE star approached McMahon backstage while she was deep in conversation with someone else. It appears the WWE CBO was not happy about the interruption and decided to make this clear publically.

"Basically, Stephanie was upset that Kaitlyn approached her and couldn’t wait until she was done talking with the other person to say what she had to say. It’s interesting to note that following this, Kaitlyn lost the Divas title."

Kaitlyn left WWE not long after losing the Divas Championship since the former star requested her release in January 2014. Whilst Kaitlyn has returned to the company since, wrestling as part of The Mae Young Classic, the former star hasn't made a return on the main roster and has instead opted to wrestle as part of the Independent Circuit.

#4. Stephanie McMahon didn't want WWE writers to watch other wrestling shows

Former WWE writer Dr. Ranjan Chhibber revealed in an interview with Powerslam Magazine back in 2004 that he had an altercation with Stephanie McMahon. This came after revealing he was a fan of John Laurinaitis' matches whilst he was in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Apparently, the former Women's Champion made it clear that WWE writers didn't need to know about other aspects of wrestling, and if they did, they would be seen as a "super-mark."

"Stephanie told me that a WWE writer didn't need to know about other types of wrestling to be successful. She said if I let wrestlers know I had that sort of knowledge, I would come across as some type of 'super-mark' and never be able to earn their respect. I felt like it was impossible to be respected: they hated you if you didn't know wrestling, and they looked down on you if you were a fan."

Chhibber left WWE in 2003. He decided to quit when Paul Heyman was removed from the creative team.

#3. Stephanie McMahon turned down a WWE incest storyline with her father and brother

Stephanie McMahon has been part of some interesting storylines throughout the course of her WWE career, including being drugged by Triple H, who then married her without her consent.

Despite this, it appears there is a line that the former Women's Champion refuses to cross on WWE TV, which was tested by her father back in 2006. At that moment in time, the WWE Universe was aware that Stephanie was pregnant with her first child and her own father, Vince McMahon, actually pitched the idea that he could be revealed as the father.

Stephanie McMahon later revealed on the WWE McMahon DVD that she said no to the whole angle, before Vince then pitched that Shane should be seen as the father instead. This was also turned down.

McMahon wanted to try an incest angle on WWE TV with Paul Burchill and Katie Lee a few years later, but even though this was approved, it was scrapped before it made it to TV.

#2. Stephanie McMahon turned down the idea to have her wedding on WWE pay-per-view

Stephanie McMahon has had to live her life in front of cameras since she became a part of WWE as a teenager. The former Women's Champion has been married to former World Champion Triple H since 2003, but it appears that it was quite the battle to get the two stars down the aisle.

As part of the McMahon DVD, which was released back in 2006, Stephanie revealed her father actually pitched that she should have her wedding inside an arena and it should be broadcast live on a WWE pay-per-view.

Whilst McMahon noted that her father made it appear as though he was joking, she could see that he was deadly serious and Triple H flat out refused. The Game also went on to suggest that if Stephanie would have allowed it, then her father would have likely broadcast the birth of their children as well.

Rightfully, Stephanie made it clear that some things in her life were supposed to be personal and private. This was clearly the right decision.

#1. Stephanie McMahon saved John Cena's WWE career

John Cena is a 16-time World Champion and one of WWE's most successful stars, but this hasn't always been the case. There was a time when Cena wasn't connecting with the fans and even wearing the colors of the sports team of each respective town wasn't enough for him to win over the audience.

Interestingly, it was Stephanie McMahon who was able to kick-start Cena's career. The former world champion explained on Ruthless Aggression that McMahon stepped in when Cena was freestyling with Rikishi and Rey Mysterio, whilst traveling from city to city.

The former Women's Champion was on the bus with the three stars and asked Cena to do a rap for her on the spot.

"In two seconds I made a small rap about the tuna fish, the jetway, the plane we were about to go on, the destination. And then kinda closed it with a comment about Stephanie. She was like, 'Would you like to do this on television?' I said, 'Absolutely." Said Cena.

Cena then became the Dr. of Thugamomics, and McMahon was even one of the people Cena rapped about on an episode of WWE SmackDown.

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