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5 Banned Finishers the WWE Brought Back

Israel Lutete
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Finishers in professional wrestling are moves that wrestlers use to end a match. They have been used for years, and there is a variety of finishers that have been used in wrestling promotions around the world. Some wrestlers innovated their own finisher and others just went on to make it more popular than it ever was. Some finishers look stunning when performed successfully, such as Neville's Red Arrow and Kenny Omega's One-Winged Angel.

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There others that look absolutely brutal, scary and some just look bizarre. Finishers come in different forms and are performed differently by various wrestlers. Most of the time it takes two wrestlers to perform a finisher, the person performing it and the person receiving it. They both have equal roles to play to make sure that not only does the move get performed successfully, but it also gets performed safely so that no one is seriously hurt. A small mistake could lead to broken bones and even end another wrestler's career.

Although most finishers are performed safely, they can lead to serious injuries if not performed correctly. Also, with a family friendly promotion like WWE, children will try to copy the moves they see on TV, and they may end up injuring themselves and/or someone else. WWE has banned a lot of finishers and some have been modified to make it more safer, especially ones which target the neck and the head. Here are five finishers that the WWE banned and then brought back.

#5 The Piledriver

There are different variations of the piledriver, but they all end with someone being carried and dropped on their head or the back of their neck. WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin experienced that first hand when Owen Hart botched a piledriver causing Austin to receive neck surgery.

This lead to Austin's early retirement in 2003, after he suffering a broken neck from the botch. The move is as dangerous as it looks. One botch is enough to end a wrestler's career. Popular superstars like Jerry "The King" Lawler used the move as their finisher and helped make the move popular.

The Undertaker exchanged the Tombstone Piledriver for the Last Ride as his new finisher as part of the American Badass persona. However, the tombstone was brought back in 2004 and another variation in 2015 when CM Punk performed a piledriver on John Cena.

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