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5 best catchphrases in the WWE today

Sagnik Monga
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John Cena with his
John Cena with his "You can't see me" catchphrase.

Catchphrases are probably the most important elements that lure fans into liking a particular WWE wrestler. Having an unforgettable catchphrase helps with involving the audience and causing a truly interactive experience.

Legends like Stone Cold, The Rock, and Chris Jericho have always had great catchphrases which instantly evoked a strong reaction from the crowd.

The new breed of superstars is not far behind. With their catchy lines, they've got the WWE Universe on its feet.

Here are the top 5 catchphrases in WWE today. If you agree with this list, give me a "Hell yeah!"

#5 "You shall be deleted" (Matt Hardy)

"Due to a condition, I have laid dormant inside this vessel called Matthew Hardy," the long-awaited character said in a purposefully off-kilter European accent in a back-and-forth video promo with former WWE World Heavyweight champion Bray Wyatt. "But now, thanks to the consumer of terrestrial entities [Wyatt], I have been woken."

In an era of professional wrestling that's flooded with young talent, you would not expect an "Attitude Era" veteran to go viral. But Matt Hardy's 'Woken' character has defied the odds and is now the most popular gimmick in WWE. The persona is one of a kind and the 'DELETE!' chants have taken over the arenas by storm.

The 'Woken' gimmick has not garnered the same attention that the 'Broken' gimmick did, but the fact that Hardy has been given complete creative freedom, he will certainly not disappoint. After all, good things come to people who wait.

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