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5 Best celebrity matches in WWE history

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16 Oct 2019, 16:42 IST

Mr. T
Mr. T

Professional wrestling has never shied away from using celebrities to attract fans and media attention. This strategy has worked effectively in the past. The Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Connection of the 1980s was one of the best business moves in WWE history.

Long-time wrestling fans might also remember Mike Tyson's appearances in WWE and his involvement in the feud between 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. It was one of the most exciting times in wrestling history, and Tyson's presence added a lot to their WrestleMania 14 feud.

Younger wrestling fans might remember Arrow star Stephen Amell, who appeared in WWE in 2015 and went on to have a tag match at SummerSlam. Political commentator Jon Stewart was involved with Seth Rollins and John Cena. Both celebrities were beloved by fans, and were used to make an impact in WWE.

Boxing star Tyson Fury is set to take on Braun Strowman at the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view. The bout will certainly attract more eyes to the product and could potentially convert boxing fans into wrestling fans, which is the goal.

With all that in mind, we take a look at the five best celebrity matches in WWE history.

#5. Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix - WrestleMania 28

Maria Menounos competed at WrestleMania 28
Maria Menounos competed at WrestleMania 28

Lifelong wrestling fan Maria Menounos is arguably one of the most popular female celebrities to ever compete in WWE. She has wrestled quite a few tag team matches, but her match at WrestleMania 28 was arguably the best of her career. In 2011, she made her WWE debut and immediately began feuding with Beth Phoenix.

Over the next few months, the television star got the upper hand on Beth, which led to a match at WrestleMania 28. Menounos teamed up with Kelly Kelly to face the team of Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix. Celebrities usually don't wrestle for most of the match, but that wasn't the case here as Menounos was inside the ring longer than her partner.

Menounos was also willing to take more than a few bumps and in the end, won the match by pinning Beth Phoenix. It got fans excited, and Menounos proved herself worthy.

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