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5 Best crowd signs from WWE Smackdown: January 17th, 2017

Best fan signs from this week's edition of WWE Smackdown straight from Memphis.

The winner of the Cena – Styles clash will defend the title at the Elimination chamber

Memphis played host to this week’s edition of WWE Smackdown and it certainly outdid its Monday night compatriot. Armed with healthy storylines and a solid commissioner, Smackdown made for yet another interesting episode in the build-up to the Royal Rumble.

A big announcement pertaining to the elimination chamber, a twist in the Divas division and a Wyatt Family breakup, all dominated proceedings on a pumped up Tuesday night. But, the Cena – Styles rivalry was what kept the crowd busy as each Superstar proved his mettle in the build up their epic match at the Rumble.

Nevertheless, SmackDown crowds are always more proactive than their RAW counterparts and this week was no different. Let us now look at five crowd signs that the Memphis audience had in store for us.

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