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5 Best General Managers in WWE History

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WWE has employed some outstanding general managers over the years

Who remembers Mike Adamle? The former NFL player and sports broadcaster was one of WWE’s worst acquisitions in company history. For much of 2008, Adamle worked for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a variety of roles, including interviewer, play-by-play commentator, and General Manager of Raw. His time with the company was short-lived, which proved just how bad he was on the mic and as a figurehead in the larger than life reality circus.

While Adamle’s time in professional wrestling was one of the company’s darkest hour, there have been others who have excelled at booking matches, providing commentary and adding to both Raw and Smackdown Live. The jury is still out on current Raw GM Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan from SmackDown Live, but at least they are not as irrelevant as someone like Adamle.

At one point WWE changed general managers as fast as the company marked days off a calendar.

Back when WWE was building on Hulkamania and the beginning of WrestleMania, the World Wrestling Federation was ruled by the governing fist of Jack Tunney. He was known worldwide for his appearances on World Wrestling Federation television as the promotion's figurehead president who would rule on important decisions involving matches that impacted the promotion and wrestling history.

At that point, no one had ever heard of a general manager. Tunney was the “law” and was the all telling authority. Under his watch, Hogan faced Roddy Piper. Under his watch, Andre the Giant and Hogan met at WrestleMania III.

WWE has been fortunate to move forward with the changing era of the business with the general manager as the all-known wizard who made matches and laid the “smackdown” on law and disorder. Some like Adamle were awful at their “job” while others thrived at it.

Here is a look at the five best general managers WWE has had throughout the years.

Vickie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero was the general manager everyone loved to hate

EXCUSE ME! For everything we all hated about Guerrero, with her whiny attitude and nails on a chalkboard voice, she was solid in her role as general manager. The woman who made a living out of getting negative reactions (heat) from fans is the widow of former WWE great Eddie Guerrero.

The fact she was married to such a mega star was incorporated into many storylines. In 2007, Guerrero was first names general manager of SmackDown. During her time in “power” she was the focal point of several storylines which included La Familia, a relationship with Edge and manager of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

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