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5 Best Matches of the Week (9/23/18)

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The Shield was in action on Monday Night Raw.

Competitors from Raw, NXT, 205 Live, & the Mae Young Classic competed in the week's top matches. The likes of Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, The Revival, The Authors of Pain, Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami, Hiroyo Matsumoto, & Rachel Evers competed in the week's best matches.

#5: Baron Corbin & The Authors of Pain (w./Drake Maverick) vs The Shield (Raw)

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The Shield had their first 6-Man Tag Team Match in a while.

These two teams had an excellent 6-Man Tag Team match. The Shield hadn't had a 6-Man Tag Team match since last year so it was great to see that their chemistry has not dwindled since Dean Ambrose's injury.

All 3 men worked like a well-oiled machine which was interesting since a Dean Ambrose heel turn was teased. However, this did not happen. The Authors of Pain were excellently showcased as they took 3 former World Champions to the limit. They were also protected as it was Baron Corbin that was pinned.

This match showed that the Shield vs Dogs of War match at Super Show-Down has some potential.

#4: Raw Tag Team Titles: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs The Revival (Raw)

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The Revival had their best match since joining the main roster.

These two teams stole the show. The Revival finally had a match that can show Vince McMahon what they can do. The Revival showed off their chemistry together by hitting unique tandem offense. It really seemed like they could actually get the upset victory.

They showed that if WWE wanted to turn them face, they could thrive. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre did great in this match as well. It is interesting that as soon as Drew McIntyre got tagged in, his team got the win. That foreshadowed the inevitable break up between Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre.

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