5 best real-life Vince McMahon stories

Johny Payne
Modified 20 Oct 2017
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#4 Vince vs Sneezing

Vince McMahon loses his temper upon sneezing
Vince McMahon loses his temper upon sneezing

“Ya ever lost your mind sneezing, laddie?” Asked the elderly man sitting next to me on the cab ride back home…“What an absurd question,” I muttered to myself at the time. Well, I don’t find this line of thought as obsolete anymore! 

Don’t comprehend? No worries, just bear with me. Let’s revisit a few statements Paul Heyman famously made on Chris Jericho’s podcast in reference to the WWE Chairman’s plethora of quirky tendencies. ‘The Advocate’ revealed, speaking from experience, that Vince almost always lost his composure on the odd occasion when someone happened to sneeze in front of him.

According to Heyman, McMahon angrily orders the person in question to control himself. Besides, God forbid if Vince himself sneezes, he loses the ability to focus for the next few minutes and simply mumbles inaudibly while seething in anger, since he failed to ‘control’ the sneeze.

Brock Lesnar’s famous manager continued that if you find yourself in the midst of a business discussion with the WWE boss, and the latter sneezes, you’d better ease up on the talk since most of it isn’t gonna get through to an angry Vince.

Published 09 Oct 2017
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