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5 best swerves in professional wrestling

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We all know that professional wrestling is scripted. That's what makes it so entertaining for us to try and guess what direction the WWE -- or any other wrestling promotion for that matter -- will take with its storylines. And, for the most part, fans are able to guess a large number of outcomes.

But, not always. Once in a while, the creative team does something so outrageous that no one sees it coming and the entire professional wrestling community is left in shock.

It's these moments that really define professional wrestling -- or sports entertainment if you prefer Vince McMahon's lingo -- and it's these moments that keep getting fans to come back for more. But, do they always work out for the best? No.

We all remember the infamous Stone Cold Steve Austin turning heel swerve that didn't really work out for the WWE. And, who can forget the disaster which was the Invasion angle? An angle with so much potential. No, these didn't work out at all. But, there are some swerves that were done to absolute perfection and were an all-around success.

So, without any further ado, let's get into our list of the five best swerves in professional wrestling:

#5 The Rock is the Corporate Champion

The Corporate Champion
The Corporate Champion

During the height of The Attitude Era, when factions ruled the day, Vince McMahon's The Corporation were looking to take over and they seemed to have pinned their hopes on Mick Foley becoming the new WWE Champion.

In a hugely unexpected twist, they turned on Foley and instead helped his opponent, The Rock, win the belt completing one of the most unexpected heel turns of the era. Gone was the benevolent People's Champion and in came the new, cocky and cocksure Corporate Champion.

As far as unexpected endings to title matches go, it was extremely well worked and "The Great One" drew some nuclear heat, while "Mrs Foley's Baby Boy" was cemented as the lovable underdog babyface.

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