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Kurt Angle's 5 best Tag-Team matches

  • Kurt Angle is best known as a singles competitor, but don't sleep on his amazing ability as a member of a team.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 13:56 IST

#4 Team WWF vs. The Alliance (Survivor Series 2001)

Survivor Series 2001
WWF vs. The Alliance — winner take all

The final match of the ill-fated WCW/ECW invasion of the WWF in 2001, this match featured Ten of the most talented wrestlers that the two rival factions had to offer were present there. This contest was the big blow-off to the feud that spanned seven months and was supposed to once and for all determine the dominant force between The WWF and The WCW/ECW Alliance. Let’s not talk too much about the fact that eight of the ten men involved in the match were WWF wrestlers who had all been with the company for at least two years up until that point. It didn’t make this match any less awesome, and it was a fitting way to put this mostly maligned story to rest. It was a great match that involved a dumb storyline, just like pretty much everything else going back to April of that year.

This 45-minute long elimination tag match saw Kurt Angle (who was part of The Alliance team) turn his back on rival Stone Cold Steve Austin (also part of the Alliance team… yeah, I know) to help the WWF win the war and kill WCW and ECW for good. Angle was a big player in the invasion storyline and not only was he great in this fantastic match, but he also played an important role in the finish of the match, even though he had already been eliminated. Find this match and watch it if you have an hour to spare.

For reference, the match was Team WWF (The Rock, Kane, Big Show, The Undertaker & Chris Jericho) vs. The Alliance (Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam and Booker T).

Published 04 Nov 2017, 17:42 IST
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