5 Best "Team Little Big" Moments: Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss

Team Little Big has been one of the most over acts in sports-entertainment this year
Team Little Big has been one of the most over acts in sports-entertainment this year

Alexa Bliss' recent arm injury has affected the WWE landscape in more ways than one, as she's now been replaced by fellow RAW Superstar Ember Moon in Season 2 of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

While Bliss and her Season 1 MMC partner Braun Strowman quickly became the most popular Mixed Tag Team in all of sports-entertainment earlier this year, "Team Little Big" has made way for "Team Monster Eclipse" with the addition of Moon as Strowman's partner since Bliss is dealing with the aforesaid injury. However, that doesn't seem to be stopping the WWE Universe in their calls for Bliss to reunite with Strowman in future MMC matches, should she recover on time.

Today, we are going to be looking at some of the very best--and quite possibly, the cutest--moments of Team Little Big. Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman's unlikely team has provided fans a unique angle on WWE programming, which we seek to explore in this article...

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#5 The MMC tantrum segment


Well, Alexa Bliss has made it no secret that she indeed derives the mid-match tantrum-throwing quirk of her on-screen character from her observation of angry children throwing a temper-tantrum if they don't get their way with their parents. Bliss is notorious for pulling off her hysterics inside the ring, and did the same on the occasion of her MMC match alongside Braun Strowman.

Bliss & Strowman faced Naomi & Jimmy Uso in the second round of the MMC tournament, and the match was preceded by Naomi shoving the The Goddess. Not one to take things lying down, Little Miss Bliss handed her RAW Women's title to Strowman and proceeded to charge at Naomi...Well, "Five Feet of Fury" didn't quite make it to her opponent, as Strowman caught her mid-air.

Strowman then picked up Bliss as though she were a petulant child and placed her adjacent to the turnbuckle, only for Bliss to again charge towards Naomi--before being caught by Strowman and restrained once again. The sight--with a puzzled Strowman holding the title in one hand and a raging Bliss in the other--was hilarious and caused the fans in attendance to cheer raucously for Team Little Big...

#4 Matching outfits


In a backstage segment, Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss were shown to have engaged in a friendly conversation, which saw both Superstars concur that now that they have an official name "Team Little Big", it's time for official outfits. Well, it's only natural!

However, when it comes to Team Little Big things always have a way of going blissfully awry in a rather goofy yet endearing manner. Strowman presented Bliss with a gigantic T-Shirt which almost covered her entire body when she tried it out...Meanwhile, Strowman proceeded to casually tear his tank top--eliciting a hilarious expression of surprise from Bliss.

Strowman then proceeded to try on the hilariously short T-Shirt gifted to him by Bliss--with the latter pulling down the piece of clothing over Strowman's head and shoulders with all her might--leading to the cameraman blurting out--"Oh, my God!"...Well, needless to say, Strowman only managed to get the cloth over his head and one arm. In the end, both Superstars decided that they ought to head back to the drawing board when it comes to matching outfits...

#3 I'm not shy! You are!

Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss have goofy yet endearing chemistry with each other
Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss have goofy yet endearing chemistry with each other

As we'd discussed earlier, Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss went toe to toe with the team of Jimmy Uso & Naomi in the second round of matches on MMC Season 1. Well, luckily, the hilarity of the entire segment wasn't limited to the pre-match face-off between the two teams.

As Bliss was perched on the top rope to deliver a flying maneuver on Naomi, the latter hit a step-up enziguri to Bliss--sending The Goddess crashing into the arms of Strowman who fortunately happened to be outside the ring at the time. Strowman caught Bliss and what ensued was a moment of awkward silence on part of Team Little Big...Notwithstanding, the fans loved the spot, and in fact got to witness yet another similar spot wherein Naomi shoved Bliss off the ring apron right onto Strowman who was ringside.

This time though, Bliss' momentum caused Strowman to fall flat on his back with Alexa on top of him. Jimmy Uso then proceeded to tease Team Little Big, citing the fact that the duo are blushing excessively and seem to share some rather funny vibes with each other. Regardless, the aforesaid spots managed to propel Bliss & Strowman's popularity as a team to the next level, as the internet was subsequently replete with memes of Team Little Big's awkward encounters...

#2 The dreaded ladder segment

The ladder segment from June 11th, 2018 received mixed reviews due to said segment being a tad lengthy
The ladder segment from June 11th, 2018 received mixed reviews due to said segment being a tad lengthy

To put it bluntly, the now-infamous ladder segment which took place on the Money In The Bank go-home episode of Monday Night RAW (June 11th, 2018) saw the camaraderie between Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman be its only saving grace.

The segment received mixed reviews from the pro-wrestling community, as several male and female Money In The Bank match competitors stood on a bunch of ladders placed inside the ring--arguing with their opponents and making their case as to why they'd win. While the crowd seemed to be lukewarm with their real-time response to the segment, loud cheers echoed throughout the arena when Bliss revealed that she already knows who's going to win the Men's Money In The Bank ladder match.

Bliss picked Strowman to win the men's match, whereas the latter unsurprisingly claimed that The Goddess of WWE would win the women's ladder match. In what was a segment that seemed to last for an eternity, Bliss and Strowman's wonderful chemistry woke up the fans and once again proved how much star-power and appeal Team Little Big brings to the table...

#1 "You're kinda cute too"

Team Little Big is
Team Little Big is "kinda cute"

As part of one of their multiple MMC appearances, Renee Young interviewed both Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman in the ring. Well, with the interview featured in a YouTube video posted on WWE's official channel, having garnered almost 2 million views by now, it's no surprise that Team Little Big is one of the most over acts in professional wrestling today.

Strowman memorably explained that he and Bliss get along great, on both the professional and personal fronts--with the comment about their personal camaraderie garnering a great deal of cheers from the fans. The Monster Among Men went on to say that The Goddess of WWE is "kinda cute"--to which Bliss replied in kind, "Well, Braun. I think you're kinda cute too."

Moreover, Bliss continued that she and Strowman "are going all the way"--eliciting a hilarious, confused expression from the latter at the innuendo. The fans went wild with the promo that seemed to be flirting with danger with regard to the norms of PG programming, however, Bliss diffused the situation by adding that they're going "all the way to a victory in the Mixed Match Challenge".


With Bliss currently rehabbing her arm injury, odds are that Strowman shall compete in Season 2 of the MMC with his new tag team partner Ember Moon. However, don't be surprised should you see Team Little Big back together in the months to come!

Which Team Little Big moment did you love the most? Do provide us your feedback in the comments section below.

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