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5 best triple threat Championship matches in WWE

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Triple threat match for Divas Championship
A triple threat match for the Divas Championship

The triple threat match is a special kind of match in the WWE, where three players compete instead of conventional matches featuring two players and one of them emerges victorious defeating the other two. While WWE has witnessed several triple threat matches, not many Championship matches have had a triple threat competition.

Over the years a couple of matches took place for any championship where three superstars fought, but only one walked out with the title. Below is a list of five such matches, where a Championship was at stake and in those matches three players fought one another to obtain the title. The list comprises both the male and female divisions in the WWE.

#5 Batista vs The Great Khali vs Rey Mysterio - World Heavyweight Championship

Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista won the World Heavyweight Championship

At the Unforgiven pay-per-view, the World Heavyweight Championship was at stake when Khali, Rey Mysterio and Batista fought each other to claim the title. It was perhaps a unique triple threat match in WWE history, where the tallest and the most dominant wrestler was in the same ring fighting the ultimate underdog in the locker room.

The 'animal' Batista fought hard with the 'Punjabi Playboy' Khali and the master of cruiser-weights Rey Mysterio. The match witnessed a number of Spine-busters, various slams, high flying action and many more signature moves from each of the players.

In the end, Batista threw Rey Mysterio out of the ring and pulled a vicious Spine-buster on the Khali. He then pinned Khali and won the World Heavyweight Championship from him.

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