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5 Best Wrestling Matches of 1992

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This is how you get 80,000 people to lose their minds and fall in love with a wrestling match...
This is how you get 80,000 people to lose their minds and fall in love with a wrestling match...

In 1992, things were getting a lot more competitive around the world. WWE was still king in North America when it came to wrestling, but WCW was beginning to catch up. With a deep roster of solid workers and excellent characters, the southern promotion was making big inroads into becoming the #2 company in the United States.

Elsewhere, the war between All Japan and New Japan continued, with the former selling out venue after venue and putting on matches so great that they became must-haves among tape-traders around the world.

But then, a new player entered the mix: All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW). This smaller promotion was making waves among wrestling enthusiasts for putting on astounding matches that people hadn’t seen before. The women wrestling there were so impressive that they became serious competition for their male counterparts in the big match department.

So which matches stole the show in 1992? Many tried, but only these five succeeded more than others…

#5 Sting vs. Big Van Vader

Fans of older wrestling matches remember the wars between Sting and Big Van Vader with fond nostalgia, and it isn’t hard to see why. Vader was an absolute monster that demolished people wherever he went and acted as the perfect ‘immovable object’ for Sting to try and overcome.

Although Vader had the early advantage, Sting managed to turn the match in his favor by using his speed and agility to his advantage. As the match progresses, it becomes less clear who’s going to win, leading to several quick transitions and momentum shifts that leave the fans watching attentively.

Sting was in spectacular form in this match, managing to actually lift the 400-pounds-plus Vader onto his shoulder at least once. Although the finish did come a bit out of nowhere, it was still an exciting match that should be watched by any fan of either wrestler.

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