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5 big changes in the WWE that worked well

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Love him or hate him, Vince McMahon certainly knows what he is doing
Love him or hate him, Vince McMahon certainly knows what he is doing

You've probably heard by now...if the workload in the WWE doesn't kill you, the travelling will.

And even for Vince McMahon and co., the team that is in charge of the production aspect, it's a highly demanding and tiresome process.

Being there to oversee the nuts and bolts of each weekly episodic, live event and pay-per-view, not to mention handling the business side of things simultaneously to keep the company going from strength to strength.

Equally of importance, however, is the job they do in ensuring that the product doesn't get stale; by ringing in timely changes to keep up with the mindset and the expectations of the knowledgeable, incredibly-hard-to-please fan today.

Whether the WWE does it to our satisfaction or not is entirely another debate, but at least, in the years following the PG era, they've done a much better job of it.

Giving credit where credit's due then, here are five big changes in recent times in the WWE that worked like a charm as far as the fans are concerned.

You'd be surprised to note that Vince McMahon may not be as 'out of touch' as some make him out to be after all.

Shoot promos

The closer it cuts to the bone, the more it appeals to the fans
The closer it cuts to the bone, the more it appeals to the fans

Although Talking Smack may not air any longer on a weekly basis, its purpose has already been served - in a manner of speaking.


Miz's hard-hitting, shoot promo on Daniel Bryan set the tone for what Talking Smack stood for, enabling Superstars that followed to honestly speak their minds on the platform.

But it's not a trend that has just been restricted to the talk show.

And John Cena's recently culminated feud with Roman Reigns highlighted exactly that.

The WWE has shown its willingness to cast aside kayfabe when required and allow Superstars to cut promos bordering on shoot...if not to make a feud seem personal, then at least because it resonates much more with the fan base.

Fans of pro wrestling today are acutely aware of the goings-on behind the scenes, and when the WWE tailors its product with that in mind - dispensing with the make-believe and by addressing reality - it just makes for riveting television.

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