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5 biggest botches of WWE Clash of Champions 2017

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17.60K   //    18 Dec 2017, 13:01 IST

Shane McMahon likely felt bad after poking the eye of his SmackDown General Manager.
Shane McMahon likely felt bad after poking the eye of his SmackDown General Manager.

The final pay-per-view of the 2017 calendar year, WWE SmackDown's Clash of Champions, is officially in the books. It was a show that started off strong with an excellent Intercontinental Championship match and was followed with an also good Tag Championship match but was kind of hit or miss from there.

There were at least some quality outcomes, such as AJ Styles' title retention and the preservation of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens' jobs, so those are things to be happy about.

Throughout the evening, the usual mishaps and slip-ups abounded from a three hour live broadcast of wrestling. Five of the biggest botches of the night have been collected, including Shane McMahon's accidental eye poke, Jinder Mahal's ever so tiny crimson mask, and a potentially not-medically cleared bump from Daniel Bryan.

Leading off the list is a failed attempt by Bret Hart's niece at sending Charlotte out to the dreaded Lumberjacks.

#5 No up and over

The Lumberjacks were given plenty of opportunities to get physical during the Women's Championship match. Both Charlotte and her challenger Natalya threw one another out to the ladies outside of the ring on many occasions. All of the participants were kept busy.

Natalya was looking to clothesline her opponent over the top rope for the particular highlight, but couldn't quite get The Queen of WWE up and over. Charlotte's head could've touched the middle rope because she was bent so far over, but the rest of her body was not going with her. Nattie instead stomped on her for a few seconds before using her hands to simply push her out below the bottom rope.

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