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5 biggest comebacks by a WWE Superstar

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WWE is all about storyline and kayfabe. Everything that we see inside the ring is scripted. Many times WWE presents that a particular wrestler got injured or suspended as the part of the storyline to make it more interesting like they are doing with Jeff Hardy at the moment. But, seldom these planned matches and stunts can also lead to serious distress. All the wrestlers have suffered some kind of injury in their career. Sometimes it is minor but sometimes it is serious enough to end a wrestler's career like in the case of Paige or Edge.

Some wrestlers have managed to bounce back despite suffering these injuries and have had a better run in WWE than their previous one. Let us look at 5 such biggest comebacks by a Pro-Wrestler in WWE who had the time of their life after returning.

These wrestlers were out for many different reasons like injury, suspension or they decided to have a career elsewhere and then returned to WWE after a while like Bobby Lashley and The Hardy Brothers. 

#5 Shawn Micheals vs Triple H- 2002


Shawn Michaels was never supposed to wrestle another match again. During a Casket Match at Royal Rumble 1998 against The Undertaker, Michaels herniated two discs in his back. The injury was threatening and it was the same injury that ended the career of Iron Man Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

When the news of the injury broke early, doctors said that it was the end of Micheals' in-ring career. Micheals was at his prime when he suffered this and naturally, many wrestling fans were upset to see an early end to the career of one of the greats. But, Shawn had other plans.

Unable to wrestle, he returned to TV and was paired with Triple H and they reformed DX, one the most popular tag-teams in the history of WWE.

Unfortunately, that comeback was short-lived as well. Triple H soon turned against him by attacking him, which served as an instigator to an in-ring return of Mr. WrestleMania at Survivor Series 2002.

Everyone had their doubts as Micheals was out of in-ring action for 4 and a half years. But, Shawn surprised everyone by having a nearly perfect hardcore match with Triple H. It became one of the best matches of both, Triple H and Shawn's career. It was the birth of the new and better Shawn Micheals.

He wrestled for another 8 years. Many believe that the second half of Shawn's wrestling career overshadowed his first half. He had some unforgettable feuds with Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon, John Cena, and The Undertaker. He truly established his legacy with that second run.

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