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5 Biggest Reasons Why Finn Balor 'The Demon King' Can Save Monday Night Raw

Rimika Saini
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Will this bring a new era under Finn Balor?
Will this bring a new era under Finn Balor?

In what is already becoming one of the most disappointing months in wrestling, WWE needs to plan something influential and rejuvenating to save Monday Night Raw.

There's no denying that the red brand is suffering from stale storytelling and has been constantly criticized for not bringing anything new to the table.

One of the more prolific reasons why the flagship show is seeing such a low in its viewership is the booking of some of the most underutilized competitors in the game. One such is Finn Balor.

The longest reigning NXT Champion has suffered the wrath of the creative minds in the management and has struggled to make a name for himself within the squared circle.

However, his recent feud with Drew Mcintyre could be a turning point in his career, with the First-Ever Universal Champion being a major highlight of the red brand on Monday.

Could Finn Balor finally step up and deliver what the fans have been anticipating from him for months? Let's see. Here are the 5 biggest reasons why Finn Balor 'The Demon King' can save Monday Night Raw.

#1 His feud with Drew Mcintyre will get most of the limelight on Raw

Balor could turn the tables
Balor could turn the tables

While I'm not a fan of the way the creative team in the WWE tells a story, I'm definitely looking forward to what transpires between Finn Balor and Drew Mcintyre.

There's no denying that both the competitors have earned their spot on the red brand but are poles apart in their in-ring psychology. Since Vince McMahon certainly likes presenting such stories to the audience, clashing these two would prove more beneficial for the longest reigning NXT Champion.


With the Scottish Terminator gravitating much of the spotlight on the red brand, this could be an ideal opportunity for Finn Balor to make the most of this opportunity and become something special.

Both the competitors possess all the ingredients to tell a quality story and with the fans disappointed with the product, a strong booking in this feud could ascend Balor to the top of the industry here.

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