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5 Biggest turns that happened in WWE in 2016

The turns that made the year memorable.

Hunter turning on Rollins was a highlight of 2016

Surprise turns are an integral part of storytelling. And professional wrestling is essentially an art form of telling stories, with what happens in the squared circle being that which solves the conflict. Promoters have been using the surprise factor as a story telling element ever since the inception of the sport and it has given us some great moments throughout history.

From the nWo angle to Cody Rhodes turning on Ring of Honor, if pulled off correctly, turns do wonders. WWE had their fair share of turns this year and we are going to take a look at them in this list.

#5 James Ellsworth

The run of James Ellsworth in WWE has been a fairy tale. When WWE brought him in to face Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw, Ellsworth seemed like just another guy who was going to be destroyed by Strowman. In fact, Strowman did destroy him. But the Ellsworth made most of the opportunity.

He soon became a hit with the fans and WWE soon offered Ellsworth a full-time deal. After flirting with the main event scene on SmackDown Live and piling up three straight victories against AJ Styles, Ellsworth pulled off a heel turn at TLC, which in turn cost Dean Ambrose the WWE Championship.

While most of us saw it coming, the moment was special and it showed the brilliant storyline curve that WWE Creative gave him.  

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