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5 blockbuster feuds for Daniel Bryan in 2018

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Could we finally see an in ring return for Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan is one of the most gifted performers in WWE history. The man's talent was underestimated during his initial run with the WWE, with Bryan never considered the 'next big thing'. Even though 'the Underdog' was talented, he was never looked at as the face of the company.

Bryan's undying passion and 'never give up' mentality brought him to the top of the mountain by narrating an excellent 'once in a lifetime' story of a man who had a dream to become the company's btop wrestler.

Unfortunately, as gifted as Bryan is, his days within the company became numbered. The man suffered from multiple concussions during his career and was forced into an early retirement at the age of 34. But, things have changed since then.

Currently involved in a program with Shane McMahon, the man is pushing really hard to get cleared by the WWE doctors for one more run. He also recently stated in an interview that if he's not cleared by the WWE until WrestleMania, then he would not be involved with the company at all.

Bryan is a popular wrestler with the WWE Universe and WWE would not want to lose a man who carries such a magnetic persona. So, here are the 5 potential feuds Daniel Bryan could have, if WWE allows him to wrestle:

#5 Daniel Bryan vs Shane McMahon

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This conflict will eventually need a WrestleMania showdown

From a booking stand point, this match makes a lot of sense. Daniel Bryan, currently working as the General Manager of SmackDown Live has not been on the same page with his Commissioner Shane O'Mac. Both the superstars are seen disagreeing with each other's booking and ideas on a weekly basis. With Shane McMahon continuing to humiliate Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens on the blue brand, it is the leader of the 'Yes Movement' who realizes the potential of the duo and continues to protect them in one way or the other.

The quarrels look like they are leading to something big, with Daniel Bryan perceiving Shane as a guy who has a personal vendetta against Sami & Kevin in the same way, the Authority had against him. Bryan's solid way of promoting & protecting the duo could lead to a massive disagreement that could eventually result in Shane firing Bryan.

If this feud has to work, it should be Shane McMahon who should turn heel and cost Bryan, by taking away his position as the GM. There are rumors swirling around that Kevin Owens might turn on his best friend Sami Zayn at the Royal Rumble, which only makes this bout solid & spell binding. Imagine, Shane joining hands with a heel Kevin Owens and, Daniel Bryan endorsing Sami Zayn, a guy who shares the same story & character of an underdog.


This feud would not only bring back Bryan to the squared circle but, would also help Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens in creating another chapter in their story. Sami Zayn does need a push as a babyface and Bryan's endorsement would make him the most beloved performer of the new era. Expect Bryan to win this one and have another iconic WrestleMania moment at the Super Dome.

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