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5 Booking Options for Luke Harper that could happen

Luke Harper's imminent return could mean a reincarnation for the Wyatt Family and big possible plans for him as a singles star.

Luke Harper has been cleared to return to the ring

Someone that fans dearly miss as of late has been Wyatt Family member Luke Harper. Harper has been out of action for several months due to a serious knee/ACL injury. It has been reported this week that Harper has been cleared to return to the ring. However, it will be some time before we see him on the main roster.

Which brings me to another topic: Where will Luke Harper go? Harper was one of the names who has been undrafted in July’s draft for the brand extension. Could Harper make the jump to Raw or will he remain loyal to the Wyatt Family by signing up with SmackDown? Harper is a well-rounded wrestler with the potential to become a main eventer. After all, he does have an Intercontinental Championship reign to his name. 

The latest discussion on the blog is what could be the booking options for Harper? Assuming he should sign with SmackDown, I came up with five options to use Harper in storylines.

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