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5 Booking Options for the Triple Threat Title Match at Battleground

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12.61K   //    24 Jul 2016, 17:27 IST
How will it all go down at WWE Battleground on Sunday night?

Roman Reigns made his return to the ring on Friday night in Delaware, two days before his Triple Threat main event match at Battleground against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He looked every bit as rough and rugged before he was suspended for violating WWE’s wellness policy.

Reigns is at a disadvantage, not having been part of the promotional machine, but don’t think for a second his inclusion in this monumental game-changing event isn’t lost on WWE or its fans.

This may be the last time any of us see all three former Hounds of Justice in the ring together with Rollins and Reigns remaining with Raw and Ambrose jumping over to Smackdown.

This is the type of match that is WrestleMania worthy, the matches between Rollins and Ambrose have been captivating, and where Reigns fits in is to be determined.

Reigns returned to action in Delaware, making a surprise appearance at the end of the match between his two opponents. The reaction was mixed, to say the least.

Regardless of fan perception and the month-long hiatus, I get the feeling Reigns walks out of Battleground with the title – hopefully as a heel – and finally getting over with the fans who are still on the fence or flat out don’t like him.

Now that Raw and Smackdown have new rosters and WWE is embarking on a new era in the business, what kind of lasting impression will this have on all of us? Here are five booking options for Sunday night?

Rollins Wins Clean

Will Seth Rollins not only win, but win the match without help from the back?

This is the most unlikely of all the choices, but one that has to be explored.

When Rollins began to distance himself from The Authority, he proved he could take the ball and run with it. Rollins is the best heel on the roster, the one who can draw the most heat and the guy who will take any shortcut to win a match.

He also can win clean and has the ability night after night to showcase his talent. Rollins is a poor man’s Shawn Michaels in this era. Stephanie McMahon wants him to hold company gold and become the lead dog once again.

Rollins could win clean, but it wouldn’t set up well for a return engagement with Reigns, should that be the next match in this dance.

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