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5 Botches, slip-ups, and outrageous moments from WWE No Mercy 2017

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The Swiss Superman lost part of his smile during the Raw Tag Team Championship Match.

No Mercy 2017 is in the books and it had a very strong start. The undercard felt like it had plenty of momentum, with solid performances all around. Jason Jordan was involved in a heated opener, Nia Jax looked like a beast in the Women's Championship Match, and that tag bout was a major standout. There was a lot to like early on in this pay-per-view.

The biggest botch came from the Tag Team Championship. Cesaro's injury will go down as one of the most brutal mishaps of the year. It wasn't a highlight for the faint-hearted. Almost as shocking as his gums were, his ability to deliver in the best match of the card earned him a loud cheer from the crowd. His contributions were top notch long after his front two teeth were jammed far closer to his nose than he wanted. Kudos to him.

In addition to The Swiss Superman's altered grin, botches and outrageous moments from this Raw-exclusive show include Roman Reigns' landing on his head while spearing John Cena, Finn Balor's over-the-top reaction to Bray Wyatt's spooky crab walk, and a Dean Ambrose delayed selling of an injury. All that and more lie ahead, but first, let's see some blood on a monster...

5. Braun bled his own blood

Braun Strowman entered the main event with a 100 lb weight advantage over the WWE Universal Champion. It was pretty one-sided from the beginning. The Monster Among Men gave Brock Lesnar a thrashing, so it was a little surprising to see physical damage to Braun and not to Brock.

This was a very Nelson Muntz moment (a reference for fans of The Simpsons). A shock was felt because the much bigger and much stronger competitor in the fight was bleeding. Looking back at the offense before this moment, it's not clear what exactly caused this minor facial injury.

This was one of two incidents of blood from No Mercy. The other one was much more gruesome, but we'll get to that one later in the article.

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