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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw (December 12th, 2016)

That Joe Paterno sign, yikes!

There far fewer botches this Monday Night, so let’s look at the outrageous!

It was a night of history on this week’s Monday Night Raw as New Day approached their final hours until cracking the more than two-decade-old Tag Team record held by Demolition. The trio would have to jump through more hoops than they bargained for, but in the end, history was theirs.

The other big development on Raw was the further implosion of Kevin Owens’ and Chris Jericho’s friendship. Their time as best buds was much too short and now that Y2J helped feed KO into a Roman Reigns’ spear, there’s likely nothing left to salvage.

As far as the “botches and slip ups” go, Raw was fairly crisp this time around. That’s always a good thing to report, and it gives this article series more of an opportunity to focus on the “outrageous” side of things – and there were several.

One fan brought in a sketchy sign about a disgraced former Penn St. coach; Xavier Woods got a touching chant for a late family member, and Sami Zayn was given the roast of the year because Mick Foley is simply savage when he wants to be.

So without any further delay, here are 5 of the most outrageous moments from this edition of Monday Night Raw...

#5 Is Santa a Cruiserweight?

Rich Swann faces off against both Brian Kendrick and T.J. Perkins this Sunday at Roadblock, with his Cruiserweight Championship on the line. He was asked about his chances of retaining while backstage and said that he could take them on; as well as the entire cruiserweight division.

Swann also starting to say that he could hold his own against the big man of Chrismas himself, Santa Claus.

It’s such a shame that Kendrick interrupted Swann at this point because I really wanted to see where The Outlandish one was going with this. Can whoever interviews Swann next ask him to complete this sentence?

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