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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw March 6th, 2017

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Raw is back on track.

After a less than stellar Fastlane event on Sunday, WWE’s Raw brand needed a big rebound to get everyone excited for the red side of the build to WrestleMania again. With the help of appearances by Brock Lesnar and The Deadman himself, it does feel like momentum is back on the flagship show once again. There was even another quality Cruiserweight Championship match by Neville, so it was a pretty decent night of wrestling.

Although some of what Raw is doing is back on track again, a few specific moments were in defiance of all of that. From a non-pin by Sasha Banks to a strange (but humorous) obsession by Austin Aries to talk about his package, there were plenty of outrageous moments from this night.

Like usual, this is the list that compiles gifs of and comments on many of the moments from WWE that were memorable for some of the wrong reasons. Let’s get to it...

5. Is this WCW?

The outrageousness started early on this episode of Raw and it was all thanks to a very clever fan sign. While Y2J was making his way to the ring in the opening moments, the cameras cut to the audience. There was one eye-catching question right in the middle of the screen: Is this WCW?

Let’s look at the facts: Bill Goldberg is carrying the top title. Chris Jericho is carrying the United States Championship and is arguably the most entertaining character in the entire company. There’s even a Cruiserweight division that’s been holding its own as of late. This does sound suspiciously like WCW in its heyday.

It would probably be silly to speculate on any theories that all of wrestling might’ve accidentally crossed over into an alternate dimension in which Ted Turner won the Monday Night Wars and the two realities are now slowly bleeding together. Yes, that would be silly, but... if La Parka shows up next Monday night, then we should be worried. 

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