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5 Brilliant ways WWE could book Paige's return

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Missed her?

Paige's journey outside of WWE for the past year or so has been nothing short of a nightmare. If she isn't grabbing the headlines for the unfortunate online leaks, she's filmed standing by her boyfriend, watching as he pours scorn on the company she is currently contracted to, or - worse still - spotted backstage with him during TNA tapings.

In short, rehabbing from a serious neck injury these past few months has been a PR nightmare for Paige instead of a therapeutic road to recovery.

But while most of her fans have given up hope that she will ever come back to the WWE, the anti-Diva herself re-ignited rumours that her return is a case of 'sooner rather than later' in an interview a few days back.

And despite falling out with talent before (because surely Paige's standing has gone for a toss in his eyes), Vince has shown himself to be perfectly willing to work with them again should it make sense for business.

Should a return to WWE programming materialise in the near future then, here are some innovative ways to introduce her back that will surely provide a bump in ratings.

Here are 5 brilliant ways in which WWE could book Paige's homecoming.

#5 Storyline against Stephanie McMahon

Using real life tension for a storyline almost always equates to good business
Using real life tension for a storyline almost always equates to good business

Triple H's most vocal detractor of late has been *drum roll* ....none other than Alberto Del Rio, of course!

And the fact that he is Paige's beau, the love of her life... her Amor de su vida... is an interesting wrinkle that can ironically aid in her WWE career, rather than undermine it.

Both Hunter and Stephanie McMahon have been off WWE programming since WrestleMania 33 concluded, and are - perhaps - waiting for the right storyline to resurface for.

And although Paige didn't publicly endorse Del Rio's drunken video rants against her boss, she was still standing by his side through it all - almost in silent approval.

If that isn't material for a feud, I don't know what is.

Both women are driven, passionate about what they do and fiercely in love with their respective men, who it just happens, are at odds with one another.

Assuming that the WWE doesn't bring back the Authority angle and have Stephanie and Hunter butt heads with Kurt Angle(oh, please no!), inserting her into a storyline with Paige could prove to be a refreshing creative decision.

For one, it would be easy for the fans to buy into it, knowing of the background tension between Triple H and Alberto Del Rio, and it would once again establish why we fell in love with Paige's Anti-Diva character in the first place.

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