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Top 5 Brock Lesnar moments

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The Beast Incarnate turns 41 today

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar turns 41 today. A wrestling star right from his college days, Brock went 106-5 in four years of amateur wrestling. He went on to OVW and made his WWE debut in 2002. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Brock's success in both wrestling and MMA over the course of his career has been absolutely unprecedented. His monstrous aura is strengthened by the devastating moves he unleashes upon his opponents in the ring. He doesn't have a very varied moveset, but what he lacks in diversity, he makes up in brute force.

Since arriving on the scene in 2002, Lesnar has forged a fierce legacy. Today, in honor of his 41st birthday, let us take a look back at five of the best Brock Lesnar moments.

#5 A Beast is born

Not very many WWE Superstars can claim of a debut as strong or as impactful as The Beast Incarnate.

True to his style, Brock Lesnar debuted in midst of a hardcore match, attacking Al Snow, Maven and Spike Dudley while being accompanied by his associate Paul Heyman.

The Beast Incarnate truly came, saw and conquered the scene, decimating those in the ring and delivering three brutal powerbombs to Spike Dudley.

Exiting to chants of ECDub, Brock Lesnar truly made a statement and left no doubt in anyone's mind that he was here to stay.


#4 Annihilating Hulkamania

Many WWE Superstars have had an impactful debut, but none have been able to sustain it as well as Brock Lesnar. After his authoritative debut, Brock was given an opportunity that most rookies can only dream of. He had a match with the Hulkster himself.

Squaring off against the biggest wrestling pop culture phenomenon, Brock not only held his own but beat him black and blue.

Looking to send a powerful message to the masses, Lesnar obliterated Hulk Hogan and rendered him unconscious with The Brock Lock.

Already in his late 40's, Hulk looked like a man well past his prime, trying to keep up with the destructive force that was Brock Lesnar.

It was as close to jobbing for another superstar as Hulk ever got. Remembering that Hulk was, at the time, the John Cena of WWE, it is even more incredible that Brock got to manhandle him this way.

Not only did Brock squash him in the most brutal way imaginable, he then went on to smear Hogan's blood onto his chest, creating a gruesome but powerful visual statement.

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