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5 candidates for the Wrestlemania 34 Main Event

Daniel Crump
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19.17K   //    13 Feb 2018, 06:27 IST

The match we want or the match we need?
The match we want or the match we need?

Despite Vince McMahon's insistence that Wrestling shows can have more than one main event, there will only ever be one spot available to officially bring the action to a close. The majority of Wrestling fans will agree that the match that goes on last is the real main event, and wrestling promoters should, therefore, think very carefully about which bout it places in this coveted position.

If main eventing a show is important for the people involved, and for our overall enjoyment of the show, then the WWE Wrestlemania main event is surely the most special platform a wrestler can be given.

History will never be able to take the moment away from you, and fans will never be able to erase the memory should the wrong decision be taken. As we look ahead to Wrestlemania 34, the road to which we are now well and truly on, which match should we be hoping for as our certain closer?

Here are 5 possibilities for the main event of Wrestlemania 34:

#1 Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles - WWE Championship

One for the fans.
One for the fans.

Something we become very used to as wrestling fans is the fact that what we want often doesn't chime with the wishes and demands of management. Ask most so-called 'internet fans' which match they are most looking forward to at this year's Mania, and they will probably respond with AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. The chances of this bout main eventing Wrestlemania 34, however, are probably pretty slim.

But is this just an internet fantasy or are there any objective reasons we can put forward to argue its case? The first point would be that the match is going to centre around the WWE Championship. Despite its stock falling slightly in recent years, it is still the company's signature and most historic title which has featured in more Wrestlemania main events than any other.

A second reason is that, should he go this way, Vince can pretty much guarantee plenty of positive crowd involvement. The biggest fear for any wrestling promoter, big or small, is having your final match falling flat. Vince has always argued the virtues of sending the fans home happy, and after seeing Styles and Shinsuke go at it, he can definitely bank on this happening.

Despite these reasons, it does feel like more of a hope and an expectation, but time, of course, will eventually tell.

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