5 Career highlights of Debra in WWE 

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#2 Mrs. Rattlesnake

Debra smacked Stone Cold with a cookie-tray on an episode of Smackdown for disrespecting her
Debra smacked Stone Cold with a cookie-tray on an episode of Smackdown for disrespecting her

In 2001, Debra aligned herself with her real-life husband, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the duo was a part of WWE's most famous storylines, the Invasion. By this time, Debra completely stepped back from in-ring appearance and only supported Stone Cold in backstage segments.

She dropped her previous gimmick of the sultry businesswoman and dawned the "Mrs. Rattlesnake" gimmick, often appearing in backstage segments with Austin, Kurt Angle and the McMahon.

Superstars feared getting into a confrontation with her since it also meant that they would have to tangle themselves up with her husband. On an episode of Smackdown, Lita received a stunner from Austin, when she and Debra got slightly physical during a match between The Rattlesnake and Matt Hardy.

During this time, Debra began baking her special cookies backstage, which other Superstars such as Mr. McMahon and Kurt Angle reluctantly agreed that they liked. New arrival, Stacy Keibler was at the behest of a severe beating by Debra, when she and Shawn Stasiak accidentally crossed her by dropping a can of milk over her head.

Following a failed attempt at a peace offering of cookies, Keibler was smacked several times by Debra, suggesting she didn't take too kindly to cookie-rivals in WWE.

Austin, who often poked fun at Debra and her cookies in hilarious segments also faced his wife's temper on several occasions. She never hesitated to put him in his place, be it by dropping a cup of hot coffee on him or by clocking him in the head with her cookie-tray in the middle of the ring.

Nonetheless, Debra was one of the frontal on-screen figures during 2001, having appeared in multiple storylines throughout the year.

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