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5 Careers allegedly ruined by GFW/Impact Wrestling

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Sometimes, WWE isn’t always the worst at wrestling. TNA can do just as much wrong as well.

TNA. Impact Wrestling. GFW. Call it what you want. The infamous promotion has been a magnet for controversy for many years, in part due to its tendency for questionable booking decisions and backstage politics favouring former WWE stars as opposed to promoting its own homegrown talent.

But even those wrestlers that started and achieved their greatest successes in TNA were also prone to becoming victims of TNA’s dubious booking. Many wrestlers have gone through TNA’s system over the years. Wrestlers have been subject to bad decisions while working for or visiting TNA, and in some cases, those wrestlers experienced devastating and career-altering booking.

Here are five wrestlers whose careers were ruined by Impact Wrestling, either through bad booking or by simple affiliation with the controversial promotion.

#5 Robbie McAllister

While one-half of the Highlanders didn’t actually wrestle for TNA, his appearance at/for the company certainly did. Robbie was in attendance at a TNA event around the time of WrestleMania XXIV and was seen and recorded on TNA’s cameras as being in attendance.

As you can imagine, this didn’t sit too well with WWE, who were very much of the mind at the time that TNA didn’t even exist. So for one of their own wrestlers to actually appear at the event destroyed that perception, and this led to him being fired by WWE shortly thereafter.

He hasn’t been heard of in any major capacity since, indicating that his tenure in the wrestling business might’ve been cut short as a result of this decision.

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