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5 cities where the WWE created new records

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WrestleMania 34 will take place at New Orleans,Louisiana
WrestleMania 34 will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana

World Wrestling Entertainment is a global phenomenon that has created its fan base across the globe. One of the major reasons for its expanding viewership is the company's decision to organize and hold events in various countries and different cities across the world. This gives the WWE Universe to watch various live shows and matches in their own cities. Audiences from nearby places also get a chance to interact with their heroes and watch them perform in front of their eyes.

Since different cities get to host WWE shows and PPV's, these cities have witnessed several professional records created by wrestlers and WWE which are remembered and cherished by the world forever. These records set the legacy that is carried forward by future generations of wrestlers and the WWE management.

Let us have a look at five such cities which gave birth to several such records.

#5 Raw 1st episode - January 11, 1993, Manhattan Center

Shawn Michaels defeated Max Moon
Shawn Michaels defeated Max Moon

WWE's Monday Night RAW is the longest running weekly episode of television history. A couple of years ago, it celebrated its 1000 episodes and in January 2018 RAW completed its 25 years on Television. It all started in 1993, in Manhattan when RAW's 1st episode took place. It was just the beginning of something historic and today it is the most watched show on pro-wrestling on TV.

On the 1st episode of RAW, we saw the phenom, Undertaker competing and defeating Damien Demento and 25 years later, he still appeared on RAW. Though globally, many arenas have hosted RAW, the nostalgia attached to Manhattan Center will be adored forever.

Though RAW will happen every Monday and many more legends and histories will be created Manhattan will forever be recognized as the place where it all started.

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