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5 classic types of WWE wrestling fans

WWE should be extremely grateful for their faithful fan base, but they always seem to fall into different categories.

WWE Fans
The WWE Universe has some interesting members

As wrestling fans, some of us feel more entitled to things than others. Now that may not be considered a bad thing to some people, but when you have thousands of people chanting "we deserve it", the viewing audience can perceive that to be a tad cringey. 

It's fair enough if you buy a ticket to watch the show, but at least show some modesty towards the lovely wrestling you're being allowed to view.

With that being said, such fans only make up a small portion of the overall WWE Universe, which tends to react and view the week to week product in a number of different ways. 

It certainly allows for a wider spectrum when it comes to analysing a big angle or match, but it can also confuse people who like to rest a lot of importance on what other people perceive to be good.

For example, one person rating a match five stars does not make it a classic. What makes it a classic is if the majority of the viewing audience are encapsulated with the contest to the point where they are on the edge of their seat hanging on every near fall that takes place. 

It's very rare you get moments like that in the modern day landscape, but once you do it, it can provide fans with some magical memories that last a lifetime.

With that being said, being able to universally agree on something is never going to be a trait WWE supporters possess. So instead, let's look at five classic types of WWE wrestling fans.

#1 Smart fans

Because in 2017, everyone is a wrestling expert

To a lot of people, this lot are considered to be the worst of the bunch. Smart fans are the guys and girls that read the dirt sheets and listen in depth to the Wrestling Observer, proclaiming they know everything that's going to happen in the next three months of WWE television. 

Whilst they get something right here and there, they're largely not correct all too often.

But it's not even the fact they choose to read supposed spoilers - it's that they flaunt it in other fans' faces and their enjoyment of the product suffers as a result. If they're entirely convinced something will happen and it doesn't, they're left feeling dejected as opposed to just enjoying the moment for what it is.

Being so fascinated with WWE that you want to know exactly what happens is fair enough, but don't act holier than thou and then expect no repercussions once you've been proven wrong. 

Just sit back, try and enjoy the show for what it is and remember back to when you were a kid and first fell in love with wrestling.

Speaking of love, that's definitely something that isn't present within this next lot.

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