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5 crazy twists that could happen on the 24th Oct edition of SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live invaded RAW. How will RAW respond?

Top 5 / Top 10 24 Oct 2017, 16:39 IST

Will SmackDown Live be under siege in a few hours too?
Will SmackDown Live be under siege in a few hours too?

Usually, these prediction articles come out on the heels of brand-specific pay-per-views. Therefore, in the aftermath of TLC, we put out five predictions that could happen in the RAW that followed TLC.

Truth be told, after what happened on RAW only a few hours ago, we knew we had to put out yet another 'Crazy Twists' feature for SmackDown Live, detailing the possibilities. We know that the two brands are at war, and therefore, a lot could transpire.

Bear in mind that the events on RAW took us by surprise, and we can only guess what SmackDown Live has in store. Everything could change at a moment's notice because WWE is not exactly known to be consistent.

In any case, we present five crazy twists that could make SmackDown Live just as exciting as RAW was, on the road to Survivor Series next week, in Houston, Texas.

#5 Finn Balor comes to SmackDown Live

Could Kurt Angle have traded one demon for another?
Could Kurt Angle have traded one demon for another?

The match between AJ Styles and Finn Balor at TLC was booked at the last minute, and much like we expected it to, it did deliver. The two men delivered a performance worthy of the title- 'Match of the Year', at least on the main roster.

WWE may want to capitalize on the momentum of the match, by getting Finn Balor over to SmackDown Live. There's a great reason for this trade. After all, SmackDown Live superstar Kane is now a part of the RAW brand now.

Shane McMahon has a valid reason for wanting Finn Balor on the blue brand. Having a turncoat in their midst may just spice things up in the inter-brand wars.

So far, Team SmackDown Live has had the upper hand in the brand wars? Can RAW even the odds, however?

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