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5 craziest Vince McMahon stories

Do we know the real Vince McMahon?
Do we know the real Vince McMahon?
Modified 12 May 2020
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Whether you love him or absolutely hate him, Vince McMahon is a god-like figure that has lorded over WWE for decades now. Beyond that, he is the man that won the Monday Night Wars against WCW, put all of his competition out of business at one point, and did it all with a flair unseen in today's world.

In all honesty, there is nothing this man can't do and while he is getting up there in age, his appearance on television still gives off the same glow that it did during the Attitude Era. If nothing else, McMahon has carved his name into history as a pro wrestling legend.

With that being said, this article will be about none of that and instead focus on his more eccentric and unbelievable behavior. Here's the five craziest Vince McMahon stories on the internet:

#5 Vince McMahon gets drunk and beat up

The Hart Foundation did not take it easy on Vince McMahon.
The Hart Foundation did not take it easy on Vince McMahon.

Whether Vince McMahon is super human or not will always be up for debate and while some believe he is just as vulnerable as anyone else, he has done a lot of things that has proven otherwise. In fact, one night after a taping, he got drunk at a bar with a bunch of his wrestlers and allowed them to perform their finishers on him.

Now, The Road Warriors were first, who performed a less brutal version of their big move on Vince McMahon, but this got Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart angry. Interestingly enough, Bret Hart and Neidhart decided not to take it so easy on the boss, which lead to Brett giving him a wicked clothesline over the bar while McMahon was on Jim's shoulders.

According to Brett The hitman Hart, "All of a sudden I turn around and Jim [Neidhart] had Vince in the bearhug for The Hart Foundation move. I just remember Hogan and a bunch of guys looking at me like, “Are you going to do it? Or are you just going to do a powderpuff one too?” I just took his head off. I just took straight off. Clotheslined Vince right in the bar. Took him right to the ground. I remember our heads both banging on the cement carpet. I can remember Vince looking at me while we were both on the ground. He turned his head to me and I was just lying flat right beside him."

McMahon responded in kind by saying that they owed him a drink and everyone pretty much laughed the bizarre experience off. That wasn't the only interesting thing to happen that night however, as McMahon was also rumored to be in Ric Flair's hotel room, urinating on Flair's bed.

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Published 12 May 2020, 10:23 IST
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