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5 Cross-brand matches WWE fans would love to see

Harry Kettle
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Who doesn’t love a good cross-brand match?

The WWE Universe is full of fantasy bookers who love to imagine various scenarios within the world of professional wrestling, and the WWE itself. A lot of that revolves around dream matches or cards that pit some of the top Superstars of both today and yesteryear against one another, with fans eager to see who really is the best in the world.

It's an endless and enjoyable process that can provide people with a great deal of enjoyment, and now in the modern era of WWE, it can become a reality courtesy of the brand split. With Superstars being divided into two rosters, it adds the intrigue for a range of different match-ups that otherwise would've been seen on a weekly basis.

With so much potential, it's great to know that one day we will probably see some of the matches on this list because that's what kind of layout the WWE have provided us with. Obviously, some bouts are more realistic than others, and we've tried to keep that in mind as not everyone can get their wish.

Still, just try and picture how great a Raw vs. SmackDown card would be with these matches featured on it. With that being said, let's take a look at five cross-brand matches WWE fans would love to see.

#5 The New Day vs. American Alpha

This would be an interesting dynamic

The longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history vs. the best tag team on SmackDown. It's a story that writes itself with American Alpha wanting to prove to the world that they can knock off the team that so many people saw as invincible throughout their title reign.

Plus, and most importantly - it'd give New Day a chance to thrive as serious heels.

They don't have to go too monotone and only have to edge towards the seriousness slightly, but it needs to be done opposite another team who are so popular in American Alpha. The numbers game could be played up as being a big problem for Gable & Jordan, and it'd be a fascinating watch as there would be a genuine sense of uncertainty regarding who would win.

Over to the females now for our next entry.

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