5 current female WWE stars who are a perfect fit for Sister Abigail

Could Alexa Bliss be Sister Abigail?
Could Alexa Bliss be Sister Abigail?
Levi Grayshon
Modified 27 Jul 2020
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In his years in WWE, Bray Wyatt has been somewhat of a chameleon. He has portrayed different personas, including Husky Harris, cult leader Bray Wyatt and, more recently, The Fiend. In his time as the figurehead of the Wyatt Family, Bray talked about Sister Abigail multiple times, spinning different theories as to whether she is real, or an alter ego. 

The idea of Sister Abigail was brought to the forefront during late 2017 when Bray suggested that the mysterious entity wanted to meet Finn Balor's Demon. However, during a conflict with Randy Orton, the Wyatt Family Compound (where the grave of Sister Abigail lay) was burned to the ground, supposedly destroying what was left of her. 

Since the birth of The Fiend, we have again had hints towards Sister Abigail. One of the characters in the Firefly Fun House is Abby the Witch, a clear nod to her. Even more recently, we have had possibly the biggest call back to the character yet. Alexa Bliss appeared dressed as the Sister Abigail during the Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman at Extreme Rules.

The brief appearance sparked much debate online, with fans wondering whether Alexa Bliss was now Sister Abigail, or whether she was taking on the form to taunt Strowman. However, it's interesting to think about who could portray her.

If Paige was still active, she could have been an excellent choice, and NXT's Scarlett has the skills to pull it off, but it would be foolish to tear her away from Karrion Kross right now.

Let's take a look at which superstars would be likely candidates to become Sister Abigail, if WWE do decide to go that route.

#5 Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross
Nikki Cross

In her time in NXT, Nikki Cross portrayed a wily, unstable character. She was the stand-out member of the stable SAnitY and often entertained the crowds with her unhinged persona and crazy promo skills, going from kooky to scary in the space of seconds.

Since Cross made her debut on SmackDown in 2018, she has mellowed somewhat. Nikki Cross has been partnered with Alexa Bliss from her move to RAW in 2019, and the pair have held the tag team championships twice. During Nikki's time on RAW and SmackDown, her character has turned in the direction of silly and excitable, a far cry from the former "Twisted Sister" of NXT.

In recent weeks, a break up between Bliss and Cross has been hinted at, with the pair facing off over a shot at Bayley's SmackDown Women's Championship. During the recent match between them, the pair seemed somewhat conflicted, arguing during some moments. Nikki even pushed Alexa over before the match, fuelling more rumors of a split between them both.

Nikki's time in NXT proved that she had what it takes to represent a character like Sister Abigail. As the relationship between Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss seems to be coming to a close, maybe becoming the right-hand woman to Bray Wyatt could be Nikki's next move?

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Published 27 Jul 2020
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