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5 current feuds that deserve a Hell in a Cell match 

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WWE has an array of options when booking the Hell in the Cell pay-per-view.

The 2018 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is the next pit stop on WWE's extensive calendar this year, and the show already has potential to be one of WWE's better shows of the year. And the reason for that is the wide variety of feuds the creative team has to choose from to place inside the pay-per-views staple match.

Over the last few years, fans have felt that the Hell in a Cell match has become a watered down version of itself, as WWE just book feuds inside it for the sake of booking it.

But this year the company is lucky as most of their narratives on Raw and Smackdown Live could warrant a Hell in a Cell match. These fueds are brutal, personal and have been building for years now. Therefore, WWE should take advantage of the chance they have put these fueds into the violent structure, while most of this fueds wont being booked into the match if WWE at least makes one of them happen it would be a win.

#1 Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

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The best thing going in the women's division today.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch is possibly one of the most heated feuds in WWE today, from Becky's awesome heel turn to a chaotic brawl between these two former best friends, WWE has done a fantastic job in making these two competitors feel like their narrative could exist in a real world.

And while the roles of Becky being a heel and Charlotte being a babyface are a slight miscalculation by WWE, it doesn't stop this rivalry from being freaking awesome.

Which is why Charlotte vs Lynch needs to take place inside the Hell in a Cell match, as the years of animosity, the understandable motivations of both wrestlers and a match that needs to feel like a war instead of a '5-star' classic.

Moreover, this match would be better suited inside the Hell in a Cell than Charlotte's battle with Sasha Banks, as Becky's issues with Charlotte feel better developed and judging from their interactions, this match could be brutal.

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