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5 current WWE Superstars who have theme songs that perfectly suit their persona

Alex Ferns
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WWE Theme Songs have a big role in a Superstar
WWE Theme Songs have a big role in a Superstar's character development in my opinion.

I am a firm believer that there is not just one thing that can make a crowd resonate with a WWE Superstar. Wrestling ability, promo skills, charisma, unique attitude and impressive body physique are all things that are needed to get a wrestler popular or over with the audience. These factors help tell a story about that Superstar and what they are about.

However, I feel that WWE Theme Songs are not appreciated enough despite being a huge reason for the success or failure of a Superstar. Good music and/or lyrics in WWE should tell you a lot about the persona of a wrestler. For example, every time that glass would shatter in the 1990's, fans knew that 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was coming out to raise some hell on some poor S.O.B. Fans knew instantly from the lyrics of D'Generation X's theme that Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chyna were a trio that loved to test authority and rebel against the system.

Hence, I have decided to talk about 5 WWE Current Superstars that have theme music which gives the WWE Universe a great idea as to what their personality is like.

5. Nia Jax's Force of Greatness (by CFO$).

Nia Jax
Nia Jax Theme Song lets fans know she is a force to be reckoned with, and we love it.

Nia Jax has a theme song which explains what she is all about. From the moment Jax stepped foot into the WWE, we all knew she was going to bring something to the Women's Division we had not seen before.

Nia Jax has a different physique compared to any other Woman to have graced the WWE ring and that makes her so special and unique. The 'Force of Greatness' theme song truly captures Jax's character, specifically with the main lyric in the song 'I am not like most girls, I don't just take what I am given....', because it reiterates the key parts of Nia's identity to WWE Fans: Firstly, Nia Jax is original and one of kind, and secondly, nothing will get in Nia's way of destroying and railroading her opponents.

This is why I truly believe that Nia Jax has a theme that matches with what we should understand about her and her persona. I personally think it is one of the best theme songs in WWE's recent history.

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