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5 Current WWE superstars that Vince McMahon is a big fan of

Rohit Nath
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Mick Foley once said that to be pushed by Vince McMahon, Vince McMahon needs to be a big fan of yours. This clearly holds true, and through not only years but decades, we've seen some of the all-time greats emerge.

We've even had disagreements with Mr McMahon over his perception of certain superstars and why they weren't pushed. Take Cesaro for example. In 2015-16, he was hotter than ever as a singles star, yet Vince McMahon adamantly said that he felt The Swiss Superman didn't possess the charisma of a top star.

And it should be noted that while being a great in-ring performer helps, it's not the biggest factor. It's charisma, character work and crowd connection that makes the biggest difference with the boss himself.

And it's understandable as to why. Fans get invested in characters, not just good wrestlers. Whether we like it or not, McMahon does have a specific eye for talent that fans don't realise (And often underestimate). Here are a few current WWE stars who McMahon is clearly a big fan of.

#5 Becky Lynch

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This is most likely the most recent addition to the list. It was clear that while Becky Lynch was viewed as an important asset for the women's division, she was never going to be #1, or even #2 for that matter. It took her over three years on the main roster to finally find her stride, but when she did, it caused all sorts of impact.

Not only did fans get behind her more, but she shed the skin of her old character and brought out a new and more relentless, ruthless and badass version of herself. She was no longer the stereotypical good babyface.

As of WrestleMania 35 season, she has basically been the most pushed superstar in the company, appearing on both shows and feuding with all the McMahons. If you're feuding with the McMahon family, then it's clear that the company has big plans for you.

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