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5 Current WWE Superstars who won't be in Hall of Fame

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WWE Hall of Fame
For whatever controversy surrounds it, being in the WWE Hall of Fame is still an honour.

There are many milestones to becoming a professional wrestler, with nearly everyone striving to achieve fame, fortune and glory.

Anybody who is passionate enough will tell you the same stories of wanting to main event WrestleMania to win the WWE Championship and to go down in history as being one of the greats.

When someone is lucky enough to have a good enough career in a multitude of different ways—popularity and maintaining the right friendships in the business being two of those contributing factors—they find themselves in the discussion for being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

From Hulk Hogan to Edge, Alundra Blayze to Mr T, it is the quintessential sign that you made a mark on the industry and that you'll be remembered forever.

Sadly, not everybody gets a chance to be in that illustrious club, and while a very large portion of the current roster's Superstars are already earning their stripes, there are others who won't get the accolade.

This list will focus on a few of those names while ignoring some of the more obvious answers, as people who haven't had a chance yet to really have a run on the roster can always turn things around and some other choices are just far too easy.

Ignoring the names like Curt Hawkins, Bo Dallas as well as newcomers like Mike Kanellis who haven't had an opportunity to scratch the surface, here are five examples of people in WWE's current talent pool who will likely be passed over and never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

#1 Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore
Don't mishear "a couple of haters" for "Hall of Famer."

If recent news is any indication, Enzo Amore might not even be employed by the end of the year, let alone find himself in good enough graces to build a Hall of Fame career around himself.


He has talent when it comes to the gift of gab, but many are quick to criticize his in-ring performance as being more on the side of lacklustre than what anybody would want to shower much praise upon.

Worse, though, is his backstage reputation, which has been increasingly going down the toilet as of late.

Assuming there's truth to the hearsay and rumours and speculation, Amore is so disliked backstage that he's been kicked out of the locker room numerous times and doesn't have many supporters left to fight for keeping him on the payroll.

The more time that goes by, the harder it will be to turn this around, as reputations like that stick to people even if they're baseless.

Plus, Amore has had little kayfabe success, never even managing to capture a single tag team title with Big Cass.

It's unlikely he'll be winning the Cruiserweight Championship to kick off a historic title reign at No Mercy, and if these trends continue, Amore will be a footnote more than a legend, and you can't teach that.

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