5 Current WWE Women who are dating fellow wrestlers 

Rhea Ripley is currently dating Buddy Matthews
Rhea Ripley is currently dating Buddy Matthews

Being on the road with likeminded people can often strike up lifelong friendships and sometimes even lead to relationships in WWE. Over the years, some of the biggest power couples in the company have been created on the road, and it appears that there are several more where they came from.

Many current WWE Women are in a relationship with fellow wrestlers either inside or outside of the company.

The following list looks at just five of these women, but doesn't include the likes of Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Carmella and Nikki ASH, who are married to fellow stars.

#5. Raquel Rodriquez - Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman recently made his return to WWE and has been positioned on the SmackDown brand where he will be alongside his girlfriend Raquel Rodriguez.

The two stars dated ahead of Braun's release last year and have continued their relationship over the past year, often sharing updates on Instagram and even attending several WWE Superstars' weddings together.

This is the first time the two stars have worked together on the same brand as a couple, and it's hoped that because both wrestlers are seen as powerhouses, the company may incorporate that into a storyline.

#4. Jinny - Gunther

Jinny has made headlines throughout her NXT UK career. Since the brand was closed down earlier this year, Jinny has revealed that she is sorting her visa before joining Gunther in the United States.

The British star has been dating Gunther since fall 2021, but there have been rumors this year that the couple are now married.

The duo are often quite private about their relationship. Whilst they are open enough to share images on Instagram, questions are rarely asked about their personal lives, which means that their marriage is still yet to be confirmed.

#3. Thea Hall - Nathan Frazer

One of the newest WWE relationships was only revealed this week when Nathan Frazer shared an image of the couple hugging outside Hogwarts castle. Many fans saw this as confirmation that the duo were now the hottest new pairing in NXT.

Frazer has already made an impact in NXT UK and is well known as one of Seth Rollins' former students. Thea Hall was signed to WWE back in May and is still looking to make an impact in the company as the changes come in thick and fast in NXT at present.

#2. Mandy Rose - Tino Sabbatelli

Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli revealed that they were in a relationship back in 2018. The couple have since kept their relationship under wraps, and whilst Rose has become one of the biggest stars in the Women's Division, Tino has been released by WWE twice.

Despite this setback, the couple have pushed forward and recently announced their engagement. The two stars initially met while working together in NXT and have since been able to maintain a positive relationship by keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight.

The duo also recently released their own six-week body transformation program to help their fans work out with them and get into shape.

#1. Rhea Ripley - former WWE Superstar Buddy Matthews

While Rhea Ripley has enjoyed torturing Dominik Mysterio on-screen over the past few months, her personal life off-screen is very different. The former Women's Champion went public with her relationship earlier this year when she confirmed that she is now dating AEW star Buddy Matthews.

Matthews was once contracted to WWE under the ring name Buddy Murphy and was known to be in a relationship with Alexa Bliss. Ripley herself was dating Demetri Jackson for several years before the couple made the announcement with the above reveal on Instagram.

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