5 Directions for Finn Balor on WWE RAW

Finn Balor could be part of some interesting storylines on Monday Night RAW
Finn Balor could be part of some interesting storylines on Monday Night RAW
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Finn Balor was one of the surprise additions to Monday Night RAW as part of the second night of the 2021 WWE Draft.

The former Universal Champion was most recently seen at Extreme Rules, where he lost to Roman Reigns due to a controversial conclusion to their title bout. The Demon was about to pick up the victory before the ropes broke, which allowed Reigns to drop the challenger with a Spear to win the match.

As of writing, there has been no explanation given for this ending, and it's unknown whether it will be a storyline that WWE decides to continue on RAW.

This isn't the first time that Balor has been part of Monday Night RAW, but he hasn't been a member of the roster since the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-Up. Moving forward, WWE has several options for The Prince, either by himself or as part of a team.

#5. Finn Balor feuds with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins clashed shortly after The Prince debuted on the main roster in 2016. Their feud was short-lived when Balor suffered an injury at SummerSlam and was subsequently forced onto the sidelines for several months. Rollins himself was later injured, and though the two men rehabbed together, they never resumed their rivalry.

As part of a recent tour of the United Kingdom, the WWE Universe was handed several matches between the two stars. For this reason, many fans wondered whether these bouts hinted at a future feud between the former champions.

At the moment, Rollins is working as a heel and Balor has been a face for several months. As a result, they could start a feud with each other as soon as their draft moves become official. The Visionary of Drip might want to finish his rivalry with Edge first, and the WWE Hall of Famer's move to RAW should allow him to do that.

Balor isn't currently part of a feud on WWE TV, but it was noted that The Demon will be moving over to RAW alongside him. The company clearly has plans for Balor's alter ego to return despite his recent loss at Extreme Rules. He could potentially call on The Demon to help him in a potential feud with Rollins.

#4. Finn Balor joins forces with another WWE star to step into the Tag Team Championship picture

The WWE RAW Tag Team Championship picture is currently one of the most entertaining parts of the red brand.

Randy Orton and Riddle have brought something new and different to the title scene, and the duo will have several new challengers once the draft changes officially kick in. The likes of Otis and Chad Gable, the Dirty Dawgs, and The Street Profits have all made their way over to WWE RAW.

Though the tag team division is already stacked, there is nothing stopping Finn Balor from joining forces with another star in the same way that Orton and Riddle once did.

Balor has a number of partners he could team up with on the red brand. If he was given a choice option between waiting in catering or joining up with someone like Gable Steveson or Austin Theory, the decision would seemingly be a no-brainer.

Balor is a veteran in the locker room and much like AJ Styles, he has a lot to offer some of WWE's newest recruits as a potential tag team partner.

#3. WWE RAW continues Finn Balor's storyline from SmackDown

Finn Balor was last seen on WWE TV at Extreme Rules last month when the ropes were cut as part of his Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns.

As previously noted, there has been no reason given for the finish of this match, as Reigns has moved on to his feud with Brock Lesnar and overlooked the whole situation.

When Balor returns to TV, he could either move forward from this defeat or make it his mission to find the person who caused it. There is already fan footage of the WWE cameraman cutting the ropes, and Balor can use this evidence to determine who was responsible for the stunt.

.@FinnBalor AND #TheDemon are coming to #WWERaw! 👀Who wants first?

This direction could be a logical way for Balor to spend the next few weeks before he enters a personal feud with the perpetrator. The Prince will surely hope to avenge the manner of his loss at Extreme Rules because he has been on a mission to regain the Universal Championship. He was the first-ever champion in 2016, but he has been unable to capture the title again in the subsequent years.

#2. Finn Balor enters WWE's mid-card and challenges for the United States Championship

WWE RAW kept United States Champion Damian Priest on the second night of the 2021 WWE Draft, but his recent challengers, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus have moved over to SmackDown.

In the aftermath of the draft, Priest doesn't have any genuine contenders for his title following his successful defense against Hardy this week on RAW.

As a two-time Intercontinental Champion, Balor is no stranger to the mid-card, so he could easily step into the title picture when his move to RAW becomes official later this month. Priest is a talented star, and he has been pushed on the main roster since his debut at WWE Royal Rumble 2021. That being said, Balor could be the man who finally brings the best out of him.

The former Universal Champion is a seasoned veteran who can work with anybody. If the main championship picture on RAW is too crowded, Balor is a main-event level competitor who can help Priest elevate the United States Championship back to its previous level of prestige.

#1. Finn Balor joins forces with Alexa Bliss when she returns to WWE TV

Finn Balor's alter ego, The Demon also made the move over to RAW, so it's fair to expect both personalities to appear on WWE programming in the future.

The company will likely allow Balor to unleash The Demon for special occasions, which is how the company booked him during his first main roster run.

It's unclear exactly how The Demon will fit in on RAW, but an alliance with Alexa Bliss would be a compelling option. The former RAW Women's Champipn recently went on hiatus, as she's reportedly having surgery. In Bliss' last appearance at Extreme Rules, Charlotte Flair destroyed Lilly and left the fallen challenger without her best friend.

The Demon and Alexa Bliss could create an interesting partnership, and given Balor's history with The Fiend, it would be entertaining to see the two stars cross paths.

They can say what they want… but I’m actually having fun

Given the supernatural entity that comes with both Balor and Bliss, they could help each other out in the same way that The Fiend once worked with Bliss on WWE TV.

At some point, Bliss could be revealed as the one who was responsible for Balor's loss at Extreme Rules. She has previously showcased her mysterious powers, so it's easy to imagine that she caused the ropes to break.

As rivals or friends, there is a lot of storytelling potential for Bliss and Balor in the future on RAW, but it all depends on the company's plans for the former champions.

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